Angel Minaro Renewing Pineapple & Papaya - Makeup Remover

Angel Minaro is a skin care brand that specializes in age defying body care products. Their products are made with very exotic ingredients and they aim to give you a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Some of their active ingredients are things that Chidimma has never heard of before, I usually read them out with a smile on my face because God forbid that I have nothing to contribute when things like Amla, Brahmi, Passion fruit, Cranberry, Adzuki and Almond pop up in a beauty related conversation, lol. The ingredients that I've just mentioned are a few of the things that they have in the products I own.

I've been using the Renewing Pineapple & Papaya makeup remover for a while now and It feels more like a toner to me so I mostly use it on days that I don't have that much on my face. It is oil free and very gentle so I would not recommend this for days when you are in a hurry to get everything off and go to bed. If you decide to use this everyday especially after you've worn a full face of makeup, I'd recommend you use something else to clean off your eye makeup, to save time. It does remove makeup, but you will have to be patient with it especially if you decide to use it on the eye area. To use this I just saturate a cotton ball with it and then go on ahead to gently wipe my makeup off. It does not quickly break down makeup like  most eye makeup removers do but it gets the job done.

One of my favorite things about Angel Minaro products is that their produts always smell like whatever active ingredients that they have in them. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not very good with scents but the Pineapple and Papaya (Paw Paw)  just hits you immediately you lift the cap.

Product: Angel Minaro Renewing Pineapple & Papaya makeup remover
Price: N3,864
Quantity: 118ml
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"He inflicts wounds, but he binds them up as well; he strikes but he also heals." Job 5:18

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  1. Aww, nice I'm looking to try something from them. Perhaps the microdermabrasion scrub. I think for taking makeup off miscellar water remains my go to. Like you said this with all the fruit avids may actually be better as a toner.