Sleek Eye Dust - Ooh Baby

I remember buying my first sleek eye dust years ago. I was trying out loose eyeshadows at the time so I decided to try their eye dust in Inferno. I remember swatching it for the first time and going Hia! As clueless as I was, I knew immediately  that something was wrong, I just didn't know what it was. It didn't look or apply like most of my other loose eyeshadows so I kept wondering if water accidentally entered it or something.

I recently got their eye dust in Ooh baby and by just staring at the jar, I knew that it would look and apply just like inferno. As I type this, the makeup junkie that I am is currently in love.
The sleek eye dusts are not your regular loose shadows or pigments. Like I literally had to go and dig out my Inferno from where I had  buried it. The shimmery ones which are the only type that I own all have a metallic finish and once I realized that, everything thing kind of made sense. Their particles are slightly larger than the particles that you'd get in your regular pigments. They are very soft and blend into the skin once you rub them in, that is if you decide to use your fingers for application. If you are going to be using a brush, I strongly recommend that you don't take this shadow past your lid. Before application, make sure you use a very good base so as to give the shadow something to stick to. When applying I strongly suggest you try and pack the color on with gentle patting motions, do not swipe! that will just take messy to a whole new level.
This is a loose shadow so there will most likely be fall outs. To control or prevent  the amount of fall outs you get I recommend you apply your eye makeup first  before moving on to the face. If you decide to apply makeup on your face first, then I recommend you use translucent powder or shadow shields to catch the fall outs that will ensue, lol.

Product: Sleek Eye Dust - Ooh Baby
Price: N800
Quantity: 6.5g
Where to buy: Any sleek studio or outlet near you. For a complete list of outlets Click Here

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  1. Please what camera do you use?

  2. Hey, there's a new sleek studio in Abuja. It's in Jimeta filling station just past the zone e gate.