Sleek Studio Signature Face kit - 01 Dawn

I received this beauty in the massive sleek goody bag that I talked about in a previous post. You guys know the bag naa. Sleek studio Nigeria gave away some goody bags sometime in February to a lot of beauty bloggers and makeup artists. Like I mentioned in that post, I was going to dissect  the items in that bag one at a time, lol.

The sleek studio Signature Face Kit in dawn is a palette that contains a combination of eye products, lip products and face products. The pallet comes with three eyeshadows, one blush, two lip colors and one face powder that could easily be used as a  bronzer. I actually thought that it came with four shadows but I realized immediately after reading the contents at the back of the palette that the pink color on the the top right hand side of the palette was a blush and not a shadow.

Everything in this palette is so pigmented! The only thing that doesn't really show up well in my swatch is the last lip color and that is because it is very sheer. My favorite thing about this palette is that it could be easily used to create one look. I will be solely using it in an upcoming tutorial, just because I love it like that, lol.

Packaging: The Palette comes in a glossy black casing and has a total of 7 products in it.

Application: Everything in this palette applies and blends very well.

Product: Sleek studio signature Face Kit - 01 dawn
Price: N1,500
Where to buy: Any sleek studio outlet near you. For a complete list of outlets Click Here

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  1. It would be so great to have when travelling or something. Everything looks good

  2. Hello!

    I just started following you here but I've been secretly keeping up with your makeup tutorials on youtube...I recently got the opportunity to attend a makeup school and it has been awesome because people like you have inspired me to take this step. However, there is still so much to learn as new innovations are made everyday. I would appreciate if you could tell what items should take first place on my list of purchases to make as time goes on.
    Thank you.

  3. I got that kit last year and I totally love it. Pls kindly visit my blog on