The Simpsons for Mac

I seriously contemplated on not putting this up. This collection was released ages ago, last August precisely and I was so excited when I bought these things. I kept thinking that I would blog them as soon as I settled down. Well its over 7 months now and I'm still settling down.
For this collection, Mac teamed up with the Simpsons.The collection was mainly inspired by Marge Simpson and the colors and names are honestly to be expected. 

This is the most that I've ever purchased from one collection at once! Their packaging was the prettiest thing ever and the sales lady didn't help matters at all, she actually talked me into buying a yellow lip gloss. God forbid that I don't find a way to use it. The collection had four lip glosses (I bought all), two eyeshadow palettes ( I bought one), some nail stickers, lashes and two blushes (I bought one). 

I'm going to start off with the glosses. 
Grand Pumpkin - Muted orange with warm undertones
Red Blazer - Fuchsia pink with cool undertones and subtle pearl 
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy - Electric blue violet with pearl 
Nacho Cheese Explosion - Bright lime yellow with subtle pearl

The glosses all have the thick creamy formula that I have come to associate with Mac glosses. Itchy & scratchy & sexy is the most pigmented of the bunch, the rest have decent pigmentation. They can all be worn alone or on top of another lip color. I do not see myself wearing nacho cheese alone shaa, unless I'm planning to surprise my father. 
Pink Sprinkles - Light medium pink with blue undertones

This blush is actually as light as it appears in the picture but believe me, I can make it work, I will. If I can make Sleek's blush in flamingo work, this one will cooperate. The compact is around the same size as the Mac mineralized skin finishe compact so it is larger than regular Mac blushes. It has a very powdery consistency but it applies well and blends well too. 
That Trillion Dollar Look Quad - (From left to Right) Lisa's Spikes, Apple Squishee, 2 Dozen and one Greyhounds and Chalkboard dreams

The collection had two eyeshadow quads, Extra ingredients which was made up of pink, blue and two shades purples and Trillion Dollar quad which I've watched above. Trillion Dollar quad is made up of different shades of green : Lisa's Spikes - bright lime green (Frost), Apple Squishee - Mid tone green (Frost), 2 Dozen and one Greyhounds - golden olive (Veluxe pearl) and Chalk board dreams - Blackened teal with subtle green glitter (Velvet finish). They are all very pigmented and blend beautifully. 

"Let anyone among you who has no sin be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7


  1. I loved the packaging of this collection too. But I lost interest when I didn't see any lipsticks and I never spotted it at any of the MAC stores in Lagos.

  2. cassandra ikegbune10 April 2015 at 18:55

    Really nice packaging! And I love that nacho cheese explosion

  3. i love the packaging. my favourite lip gloss is the grand pumpkin. its perfect for dark skinned peeps.

  4. Ivie Erhunmwunsee12 April 2015 at 02:13

    The nacho cheese explosion is not bad though. I expected it to be over the top but it's cute

  5. The packaging just screams YES to me. So cute.

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  7. i so love the collections, the grand pumpkin is the best.