Lorac Pro Palette Review

I bought this last year and regretted the purchase shortly afterwards. I wasn't unhappy with the product itself because I hadn't even used it at the time but I didn't like the fact that I had gone on to pay good money for it shortly before discovering the Stila in the know palette. You see, I just wanted one neutral palette, just one! or so I thought.
I bought this while I was in the US last year and it was one of those things that I wrote down on paper 2 years before the trip (Please do not question this statement). 

I wanted it and I wanted it bad and swatching it in Ulta didn't help matters because it kukuma dragged my sister who was minding her business into buying the pro 2. I stuck with this one though mostly because I didn't like most of the colors in the second palette. 

I finally managed to actually use it recently and it was everything that it was supposed to be. The Palette has a total of 16 colors that go from very light to dark and they are all super duper pigmented. The colors on the top row are all matte while the bottom row is made up of satin/shimmer shades. It comes with a primer which I did not include in this post because I haven't really tried it, I'll probably review it separately.

The texture on these shadows!!! they are buttery soft and apply beautifully, the swatches kinda look anemic, mainly because they love brushes more. Its not like you don't get good color pay off with your fingers, its just one of those palettes that love brushes, the colors were made for brushes, lol. 

This palette comes in handy for creating a lot of staple looks so its not really surprising that people love it the way they do. Looking at it, it screams neutral but you can create way more than neutral looks with this. 

If you are looking for a palette for creating everyday makeup looks, kindly look at this, thank you. 

Product: Lorac Pro Palette 
Price: $42
Purchased from: Ulta 

"In the end, keep to your own heart's advice, since no one deserves to be trusted more than your own heart" Sirach 37:13


  1. things like happens atimes... happy weekend dear


  2. This has been my go-to palette since I bought it over a year ago. I hit pan on 3 shades- unheard of before for me.

  3. Would love to see some eye looks with this!