Lime Crime Velvetines (Swatches)

I was seriously looking for where to buy the lime crime velveteines here in the UK  before I received a message from the lovely Bukky of telling me to expect something in the mail. At the time it looked like every one was wearing one of them every time I opened my Instagram app! I  immediately stopped looking after I opened the parcel she sent me and saw these two babies.
Utopia - Lime crime describes this as a vibrant orchid and it does look more purple than pink in the tube but for some reason it looks a bit pink in this picture. The color would be best described as a pinky purple. 
Wicked - Dark berry red. Very comparable to the sleek flash a pout lip stain in Forbidden.

The lime crime velvtines are liquid lip colors that apply like a gloss but all dry to a matte finish. Wicked applied better in my opinion, compared to utopia and that was because of how streaky it was (I don't really know why it was more streaky).  With these type of lip colors, the less streaky they are, the better. They dry very matte so the more you layer them on while trying to achieve even application the more likely they are to sink into the lines on your lips. They both have good color pay off and work well with liners. They come with a doe foot applicator and have a strong chocolatey scent that does not go away even after they dry. Before using any of them I highly recommend that you exfoliate and moisturize the lips because they will highlight and sink into any cracks or dry patches in the vicinity.

Products: Lime Crime Velvetines 
Where to buy:
Price: N6,000

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  1. I love the velvetines, they're my favorite liquid lipsticks along with the Kat von D ones! Utopia is so pretty I need to get it!

  2. oh wow, they look gorgeous! not really an everyday make-up wearer, but I would purchase the Dark berry Red for special occasions!

  3. Pansy looks so pretty on you. I have a few of the velvetines but you've made me reconsider not adding pansy. Have you tried the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks? They are awesome too. Hope you're well.

  4. You mean utopia? I haven't tried the Kat von D liquid lipsticks but they are on my list!

  5. Wow I must have had a complete brain fart. I meant utopia!

  6. Been hearing lots of positive reviews about this product....buh mahn! Thing is not pocket friendly to tell ya the truth ;(