Black Up Sublime Powder - NPS 01

You guys know by now that I'm literally a Black Up whore. I make it my business to seek out every new thing that they come up with! lol. I purchased this some time last year but finally managed to play around with it during my last break.
If you watched my last tutorial, you clearly saw me use this so this review might be completely useless. Black Up recently changed the formula and packaging of their sublime powders and that to me made all the difference because I always skipped them in the past. They used to be way thicker and very comparable to the Iman luminous foundations, they feel and look more like normal highlighters now.
I decided to go for the shade NPS01 because I didn't have any powder highlighters that looked like it. Most of my powder highlighters are very cool toned but the sublime powder in shade NPS01 is a gorgeous shade of warm toned gold. It is very silky and applies smoothly. It warms the skin up so nicely and gives the most amazing glow. It also doesn't flake like most powder highlighters tend to.

Product: Black Up sublime powder - NPS01
Where to buy: If you live in Nigeria you can get this from any Black Up stand in your nearest Montaigne's Place. If you live in London, you can get this from the Black Up stand in Debenhams, Oxford street, they are also available for purchase on the Black Up website.
Price: £26

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  2. I don't know how I missed this review but I always felt like the original formulas were the pricier versions of IMAN's luminous foundation!! I kinda liked the result of having that inner sunkissed glow so I'm slightly hesitant on getting it.