House of Tara eyeshadow quad - Set 01

I searched for the House of Tara eyeshadow quad in set - 03 for the longest time. I would walk into Casabella almost every time it was in the Vicinity asking for it and the reply I would always get was sorry, we don't have it or sorry it just finished but we have the other ones and when I say let me see, they always show me this one, always. I'm sure that a lot of you are thinking why didn't she just go to a house of Tara store but like I've mentioned a million times on this blog I do not live in lagos anymore and House of Tara does not have a stand alone store here in Enugu.

I wasn't in any way surprised when I opened a House of Tara gift bag that I received a while back just  to realize that of all the quads in that line, in the world! this particular one managed to wiggle itself into that bag. I was like ok you don catch me, we shall see.

The House of Tara eyeshadow quad in set - 01 is made up of four different shades. Was that statement even necessary? quad = four abi?  oh well I just typed it and I shall not delete it. It is made up of different shades champagne and plum. From the the last picture y'all can see that the color payoff is bad when swatched with the fingers. For some reason some of the House of Tara eyeshadows that I own behave like that. I remember the first time that I got my hands on their eyeshadow trio in Osenken, it swatched like this too but pair the colors in this quad with an eyeshadow base and a shading brush and you'll be shocked. These shadows work so well with a brush, all you have to do is swirl the brush in whatever shade you want to use and then pack it on or blend it in.

The shadows in this quad all have a pearl finish.

Product: House of Tara eyeshadow quad - Set 01
Price: N1,350
Where to buy: Any House of Tara Outlet near you, For a complete list of Outlets, Click Here.

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  1. Wow! Good to know u are in enugu. Would love to meet u tho am not based in enugu but Abia. I love ur make ups, u are such an inspiration. Pls do you give make up training?

  2. very tru, tried one of the trio shadows ans was discouraged and gave it out sef! bt later got a good shadow base and used it for my sis, it was

  3. Hi, am diana I stay in enugu, av bn followin ur blog 4 a while & I must say u r are rilly gifted....well lemme get down 2 d point, wnted 2 ask if u offer anykind of makeup training cuz...mehn I wuld rilly luv 2 learn frm u........08094387519

  4. Have you tried the HOT High Definition foundations? Any thoughts?