China Glaze - Jingle all the way set

Merry Berry 

I went to Casabella the other day to pick up another jar of deep conditioning cream and just as I was about to leave, I saw a bunch of nail polish sets on display. They were all from China glaze so I went to look (as if that explains anything). They mostly all had at least one nail polish with glitter in it and such happy names, that immediately told me that they were all part of a christmas collection.  It took a little googling to realize that the collection wasn't  even new. Jingle all the way is part of a 2012 China glaze holiday collection.

I decided to go with Jingle all the way because of the glitter polish that it came with and also because the two polishes in the pack looked like they would compliment each other so well. The set came with two China Glaze polishes in Merry Berry which is a rich berry red color and Pizzaz which is a glitter polish with chunks of pink, blue, silver and green glitter in it.
They both applied so well. I was positively impressed with Merry Berry because most polishes that come that dark always apply streaky so I tend to stay away from them. To help Pizazz show up better I did one coat of a silver polish like I always do when applying a silver based glitter polish then I went on to apply two coats. For anyone to be satisfied with just two coats of a glitter polish, that glitter must be bad ass and I believe that is what Pizzaz is.

The sets all contained a little gift, some had candles in them, some had other things that I can't remember but this one had some sort of Ichaka (rattle) ring in it :|. My little sister sha grabbed it with incredible speed.

Product: China glaze - Jingle all the way holiday set,  contains China Glaze nail polishes in Pizazz and Merry Berry
Purchased From: Casabella, Enugu
Price: 1,800

"They all look to you for their food in due time. You give it to them, and they gather it up; you open your hand, they are filled with good things." Psalm 104:27-28


  1. They actually look very nice. Btw i would appreciate if you could follow back and check me out.

  2. Dimma, I am going to start using nail polish on my short, stubby nails because of you. If you like laugh *asko*

  3. Lol at Ichaka!