Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminators - Empress & Goddess

I've had the Sleek glisten me liquid illuminator in Goddess for years. I remember using it religiously when I first got it, I couldn't get past the gorgeous glow that it gave me. A few years later, my skin started acting up so I stopped using it, together with a lot of other things. I recently managed to get my hands on the Shade Empress and after playing around with the two of them these past couple of  days, I'm hooked, again!
Empress: I skipped Empress when I purchased Goddess because I felt that It wouldn't look good on my skin tone. It has a very peachy-beige undertone and would definitely work better on people with lighter skin tones but that doesn't mean that you can't make it work if you are olive to dark skinned. On dark skin, it appears a bit cool, it highlights beautifully but it doesn't give the warm sun kissed glow that most highlighters targeted for people with warmer skin tone gives, the finish that you get with is almost metallic.
Goddess: This is gorgeous golden-bronze highlighter and is perfect for people with darker skin tones. It warms up the skin beautifully and gives you the perfect sun kissed glow when applied right. This to me is like a liquid version of Mac's gold deposit and my favorite of the two.

Packaging: They both come in a frosted transparent bottle with a matte black cap. There is a Plastic spatula attached inside each cap and that to me makes application and dispensing very easy.

Application: To apply I just dip the spatula once into the bottle and then transfer the product to the highest point of my cheekbones or on any other area that I'd like to highlight then I go in with my fingers and I use them to blend the product in. On days that I want a bit more control I apply the product first on the back of my hands then go in with my fingers for more precise placement. For an overall glow you can add just a little bit to your foundation before application and you'd be surprised at the type of subtle effect that it gives.

Finish: They both a have a very powdery finish which I think is perfect. They are a bit thick and very creamy which makes blending much easier. 

Products: Sleek Glisten Me Liquid illuminators - Empress & Goddess
Quantity: 30ml each
Price: N2,500
Where to buy: Any sleek studio outlet near you. For a complete list of outlets Click

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  1. It look really good girl.... I think I will look into it!!

  2. hmm i'm not one for too much jara on the face but this actually looks legit! Adding this to the whs list

  3. I love this!! Will have to buy it. Lovely review hun!!
    Afeeyah xo

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  4. I love that highlight effect so lovely

  5. Went to sleek outlet at ogui road to purchase this, n there was absolutely nothing I could find there