Rosebud All natural goat milk complexion soap - Spicy apple

I'm on a roll with Nigerian brands and let me tell you guys, it is such a good thing. I've made it my business to try as many of them as I can. It would be absolutely perfect if we as Nigerians begin to support the effort that is put into most of our brands.
Rosebud is a Nigerian brand that has been around for a while. They have an online store that stocks mostly skin care products by the Angel Mirano brand and they also carry cosmetics and lingerie. Their products are mostly from the U.S and come nicely packaged.

I received the Rosebud All Natural Goat Milk complexion soap  in spicy apple with a few other products a while back. As I type this post, this soap has finished and I'm definitely repurchasing it. It is made of natural ingredients just like our local black soaps. It smells absolutely amazing! and like  I've  mentioned in previous posts, I'm not good at describing scents but the apple stands out once you sniff. It is moisturizing and lathers so well! it rinses well too, there nothing more annoying than that icky feeling that deeply moisturizing soaps leave.
It is a natural soap and like most natural soaps, it does not like places that are too hot or humid. If you decide to get this, please make sure that you try as much as possible to store it in a cool dry place, even if it means storing it by your bathroom window, it needs air. If not it would literally begin to melt.

Packaging: It does not come in a pack or wrap, it comes completely naked, lol don't mind me. It has  a sticker/label that goes round it and it comes in a transparent pouch.

Product: Rosebud All Natural Goat Milk Complexion Soap in spicy apple.
Price: N1,450
Where to buy:

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  1. Loooolz @ " It comes completely naked"

  2. Nice soap,I bought it last week and I have been seeing visible difference.My dark spots are beginning to fade away.