Yaaas!!! a Giveaway, finally! I have over 150 readers now so I'm feeling tech o, nobody should mess with me biko, lol.

For this giveaway, there will be only one winner.


  • Elf powder brush
  • Zaron lip pencil - Red vines
  • Marykay brow definer pencil - Brunette
  • NYX lip gloss - Pinky Natural
  • Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette - Storm
  • Nabi Nail lacquer - Lavender II
  • Nabi Nail lacquer - Neon hot pink
  • Sleek blush - Sahara 
  • Cala crease brush


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  • Leave a comment stating your email address, what you love about this blog and what you would like to see more of.
  • Your comment MUST be below this post and not any other post.
  • The winner will be picked with a  random number generator. 
  • No multiple entries please.

This giveaway is open to only my Nigerian readers. It will  for run for just a week, the winner will be announced by 2:00pm on Tuesday 28th May, 2013.


"You are all round me on every side; you protect me with your power" Psalm 139:5


  1. I just wanted to comment that I am excited for you and your growing readership!! I'm an american fan and ineligible for the giveaway but it's still awesome!! continued growth and success. Peace and Blessings.


  2. akintaylor01@gmail,com. TIC is my favorite nigerian beauty blog. I love your tutorials and would love to see more of that. :) Hope I win *fingers crossed*. Segi

    What I love about is the picture quality , OoTD and reviews and am hoping to see more of outfit of the day posts.

  4. Love your blog!!

  5. Yeah I love d makeup tips and products shared on this blog,I also find the bible passages very inspiring,would love to see more of them

  6. I love Make-up and beauty,and this blog does a lot of justice to it.X


    I love everything about this blog, would like to see more reviews. Cheers!

  8. I love your makeup tutorials and ootd videos but will want reviews on make up products and fashion trends thanks xxxx ��


    The pictures are top notch, that's what I'm currently loving most. I love your makeup and nail tutorials and I would love to see more FOTD and how to achieve the looks.


  10. Yaaaayyyy!!!! Giveaways *whoop whoop* hope I win


    Love make up and beauty posts! Like you on Facebook via Heather Paulding!
    Following you GFC via Heather Paulding

  12. Most of all, I love the bible quotes at the end of each post, then I love the pictures and their quality. I would love to see more video tutorials and product reviews. Keep it up dear.

  13. I love the quality of your photos
    I'll like to see tutorials on basic makeup

    I'm sooo crazy about ur blog, it inspires me because I love makeup...I love your tutorials, reviews and more especially youtube videos (I subscribed)...I look forward to seeing a tutorial on how to choose the right foundation.I tap into ur talent...(Amen)

  15. Dinma, i love your blog, quality pictures and videos, well-detailed, i learn alot from your blog. Would love to see how you contour your face.. cheers!

    Hope i win*

  16. love dis blog cos u dnt show off ur skills but u teach us hw to do it ourselves and where to get d products.U are simply Awesome.won't fail to mention d bible verses,so inspiring.U ve got It Girl!!I ll like u to see more of the hair products.xoxo

  17. I adore your blog and I rly enjoying reading your reviews on products as well as your tutorials. I would like you to more reviews on skincare or body products as well as facial products other than makeup! We love you! Keep it up!

  18. I love that you are very experimental with colours and I must say the results wows me especially with the nails. I also love your video tutorials which allows me to practise. I would like to see more alternatives to very expensive products.

    Would love to win;

    Lovve ur FOTD's, brilliant product reviews and beautiful picture quality.
    Would love to see more of them + OOTD's
    GFC- TWA

  20. Hoping that i win this giveaway.
    i love the clarify, simplicity and ease of duplication of the FOTDs.
    I would appreciate more ootds and skincare product reviews.


    I love the picture clarity in your posts and how thorough you are in explaining steps and reviews!
    I hope I win!

  22. ; I L♥√ع Τ̲̅ђε̲ fact that U̶̲̥̅̊ r simply ingenius as far as makeup is concerned..I can't really place what I want you to improve  as U̶̲̥̅̊ r already doing great but keep doing Ūя̲̅ thing sha

  23. I love this blog because u use grt pics to guide ur readers step by step

  24. love the tutorials, will want to see more videos.

  25. Yay! Giveaway. I hope I win.
    I love your blog because you usually list every single product you use to achieve a particular look and sometimes with the address of where it can be gotten and the price too. It has really helped us novices.

    I'd love to see a tutorial on contouring and highlighting in easy steps and if possible a video tutorial (pretty please).

    Keep doing what you do. Cheers

  26. I love your product reviews, I've actually bought something's based off of your reviews and loving them. I love the artful way you apply your polish and above all I want to win lol


  27. Read the instructions again and saw that I have to include what I wish to see on your blog. I would like you to do more OOTD, you did a lot of them back when you started and where one can get the clothes or a similar style. Jah bless!!

  28. I really love reading your blog and have even incorporated some of your looks in my makeup routines.
    I would love to see more posts on skin care regimen especially for people like with enlarged pores and acne prone skin. Keep up the good work.

  29. Hi Dimma, i love your blog because u didnt forget the almighty God cause it is by him you are strengthened to do what u do. I love how you give indepth details of products you use and your daring atitude of using products that people will normally shy away from. I would love to see you do a full face video on ur youtube channel and how you apply your foundations and far you are great at what you do.
    The lord is your muscle.

  30. YaAy,congrats on hiTting that having that much readers. I sincerely love the fact that you back up every post with a bible passage, shows that you can be pretty and Godly, and also you've made DIY make up easy for those of us that can't afford makeup schools.. Please we would love to see tutorials on contouring...
    Its my birthday today I sincerely hope I win this, I have actually never won anything in my life and I also want a birthday gift..
    Thank you for the blog and goodluck

  31. Giveaways or no giveaways ur works are so creative and neat, n those r d tinz I look out for, nice job girl,will love to see more dramatic makeup styles and more fashion tips especially clothes, God give u wisdom, knowlege n understanding, more hot works to come. Still want d giveaway tho,*wink*

  32. I found ur blog thru bella naija n eva sinz then I've bin soo hooked on...whew. I love ur natural skill n d fact that it is our nigerian based nigerian sita vat is hooking us up. Soo nyce n d pictures sooo detailed I kant get ova them... I love love d fact u incoprate d God factor says a lot bout u...
    More natural make tutorial would be awesome... Much love

    i found this blog through thefashionengineer and since den i have been hooked. i think this is one of the best makeup blogs in Nigeria because of the clarity of all the FOTD looks and also how easy we can achieve the various nail looks. i also love the picture quality and the fact that u incororate GOD in all that you do,i would like to see u do reviews on various makeup items. God bless, peace and love.


    A Nigerian who lives IN Nigeria and brings good product reviews and FOTDs to me? Yes please!!! I'd really love to see more product reviews

  35. Email- Personally, I love all the contents of this blog just the way it is. The review, tutorials and so on. Pls just keep doing what you knw how to do best. Cheers

  36. yvonne Edo-olotu27 May 2013 at 09:16

    i totally love this blog. i enjoy your tutorials and i must say you are a natural. i like the picture quality. you make applying make up soo fun and chic and it inspired me to go out and buy some.most importantly i like the scriptures you put at the end, its uplifting.... yaaay i hope i win. have a wonderful day.

  37. Yaaaay... I love giveaways!!!!
    Btw, I love d fact ur tutorials r very well explaind esp ur videos and also coz whenever u'r reviewing a product,u wudnt hestitate to give the pros and cons of such product rather dan just flow with the normal hype of the product..
    All in all,I love ur blog but I'd love you to update regularly cz ov stalkers lyk ME *lol*... Anywaiz thumbs up n m glad I subscribed to both ur blog and you-tube channel...bless up :)

  38. hi...this blog is an inspiring one with great post ranging from hair to nails to makeup and even outfits.....would love to see more tutorials and post on you keep up girl.....

  39. Hey dimma...this blog is just an ispiration,talking of ur numerous detailed posts,to where to buy makeup products,to ur very fresh,neat nd detailed photos,I must commend ur picture quality is superb,ur reviews re awesome,u make everything look like so much fun,dats definately cos u re a natural,which is 1 good thing,ur bible passages just helps it,u never really know who u re sending a message to,however,pls we'll like to see more tutorials nd more posts,cos u ve unending stalkers like me.