Eco styler gel, olive oil styling gel

I have very dry hair and one of my major problems has always been keeping my edges tame. If you people see my hair two weeks post relaxer eh, you will run. Before I started using Eco styler gel, I was using the Organic Root stimulator (ORS) edge control. I absolutely hated it because every strand of hair that had gel on it sprang back up 10 minutes after application so it literally did me no good. I occasionally tried other products maybe something from my mum or sister and they usually did nothing for me.

After sometime I started looking for something else. I did a little research and saw a couple of good reviews on the Eco styler gel so I decided to give it a try.


  • Made with 100% Pure olive oil 
  • Maximum Hold 
  • Helps your scalp regulate its own natural moisturising system 
  • No flakes. No tack. Anti-itch  
  • Contains UV protection 
  • Soft hold

 Eco styler Olive oil styling gel is made with 100% pure olive oil. Olive oil helps your scalp regulate its own moisturising system. Olive oil helps attract moisture to the scalp, and holds it in. Like all our styling gels, it is weightless and will leave your hair with a healthy shine and superior hold.

I absolutely love this product. It does what it says on the jar and for me that is enough. This product is highly moisturising, does not flake like the ORS edge control, does not leave white residue on my hair and stays put most of the time. The only time I have problems with the way it holds  is when I sweat or when the weather is extremely hot, other than that it holds up pretty well. I bought this very huge jar (32FLoz) because this was the only size that Casabella had in stock at the time and it wasn't really  expensive.

 In the last picture you guys can see how sleeked back my edges look and it took just a tiny amount of product to get it to look like that. I use this even when I haven't retouched my hair in a long time and it still manages to work its magic. I also use this when I want to sleek my entire hair back and when I wear a high bun.

This is the best thing I've used for my edges and its hands down amazing.

Purchased from - Casabella
Price - I got this a long time ago but I'm sure that it wasn't more than N1,500.


"But God has shown us how much he loves us - it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us!"
Romans 5:8


  1. yup i agree with you! the product is amazing, used it on my hair yesterday which hasn't been permed in months and it did a great job in holding it...ORS sucks and so does dr miracles edge holding gel; used them both and I'm glad i found this

  2. I am always needing something to keep my edges flat

  3. Love this product
    It also holds my natural hair very well and is perfect for styling.
    It also does not contain some chemicals that the edge control does
    So its perfect

  4. I'm so going to try this. I also hate the ORS one, my hair springs back up after 5 mins and is all white and flaky. Thanks for this review. By the way, I love your YouTube channel.

  5. I was thinking of buying this as well. I tried the ORS one and it didn't do nothing. I had already given up on slicking down my edges but I'd try this and see if it does the job.. Thanks for posting xx

  6. Good to know. I should buy this. My hair grows so fast post relaxing and I just let is get all nappy. I currently use the organic root stimulator green hair cream and I think it's good for the tips though. I need to tame my roots though so this one should probably work.

    xoxo Gozika

  7. Great. I have been searching for a beauty blog for Africans. I haven't looked through your archive,but I am interested in learning how to choose a foundation etc for your skin colour. Also simple makeup tricks would be great.

  8. Please where can i get this in state?.....dont even talk about ur hair post-relaxing!!!!After relaxing my hair,right there in the saloon my stylist will just be staring at the unruly roots!!!

    1. I honestly don't know. Try casabella if you guys have a branch there or you can check anyplace in warri that carries quality hair care products.

  9. Pl where can I get this eco gel in nigeria,I really wanna try it.

  10. pls where can i get this eco gel in port harcourt o?

  11. Nice work you're doing here Dimma. Keep it up.
    Ladies, visit for your 100% real human hair and hair care products.

  12. Hello. The product can be ordered from Konga or Jumia.

  13. Enter your comment... please how do I get it,am in Lagos ikeja,I really need to give it a try