I noticed last week that my oil collection has grown quite a bit. I have close to 10 bottles of them now! I feel like I have everything from the usual coconut oil, to the very atypical ones like Avocado oil, let's not forget the oils that are not completely natural but noteworthy all the same. I'll be sharing some of my favourites in this post.

Bolden 100% Natural Shea Oil - Sweet Vanilla: I had heard very little of the Bolden brand before they contacted me a few months back. Bolden is an American brand that specializes in oil moisturizers for the body, face and hair. The brand is owned by two Nigerians, however they currently only provide shipping to people within the united states. I was gifted their shea oil in sweet vanilla a few months back. The first thing that you'll notice about this oil is how amazing it smells, it smells just like vanilla, and the smell lingers in a good way, not in that vanilla ice cream gone sour way that you get with some vanilla scented products. It is quite thick so it isn't the easiest to work into the skin however, a little goes a long way. It moisturizes deeply so it is an oil that I would highly recommend for dry weather. It comes in butter mint and also has an unscented version on boldenusa.com, it retails for $29.50.

Mamado Aromatherapy 100% pure olive oil: I picked this oil up at the beginning of the year from my local beauty supply store, they had other brands of olive oil on display but the packaging of the Mamado oils drew me in. I picked up a bottle of the olive oil because it did not look like cooking oil (most olive oils, even those sold in beauty stores always look like they belong in the kitchen) lol. I use this oil on my hair and you guys can tell from the picture that I've used it quite a bit. I add it to my deep conditioning mix whenever I deep condition my hair. However I mostly just ad two cap fulls of this oil into the water that I have in my spray bottle. I mix it thoroughly and then spray it on my edges before I lay them flat with an edge control, I currently swear by the result it gives.

Natural Nigerian Castor Oil: I reviewed the sunny isle Jamaican castor oil a while back on this blog so if you've been reading this blog long enough, you would probably know now that I have a thing for castor oil, especially for the hair. The natural Nigerian castor oil is actually clear and not brown like the sunny isle castor oil, it has the same nutty smell however it isn't as strong as that of the sunny isle version. It feels the same though and I have been using it religiously on my edges. If you live in Nigeria and are looking for good castor oil please check this one out. According to Natural Nigerian - "Castor oil has been made famous for its abilities to restore hair edges" and this is really true from my personal experience. Price - N1,100

Natural Nigerian Sweet Almond Oil: This is actually my first bottle of sweet almond oil. It isn't something that I had seen a lot of people talk about and using it now, I wonder why that is. Its is not as thick as all the other oils that I have talked about so far, so it is easier to work into the skin or hair, depends on where you want to use it since it is perfect for both. It is very high in Oleic Acid, which gives it softening, reconstructive and anti-inflammatory properties. I love to use it whenever I have new braids on for this reason. I apply this oil on my scalp and it helps with the swelling and pain that I get whenever my braids are tight.  Price -N1,100

Natural Nigerian Avocado Oil: Of all the oils that I got from Natural Nigerian, the Avocado oil has a special place in my heart. It is super light weight, is easily absorbed into the skin and not greasy at all. It has no scent to it whatsoever, making it perfect since I love to apply it to the skin. I love to mix it with my vaseline cocoa radiant body lotion when I want really intense hydration. Price -N1,200

Natural Nigerian Hemp Seed Oil: This is the only oil from the bunch that I know I would never use anywhere asides from the hair. It has a very strong smell, one that I'm not really a fan of but it is very thick and moisturizes deeply. I've read of its numerous benefits for the hair so it was an oil that I had always wanted to try. I currently add it to my deep conditioning mix too! Price - N1,200

Natural Nigerian is a Nigerian brand that specializes in the production and sale of natural skin and hair care products. I contacted the brand to place an order when my sister was coming to the UK two months ago, mainly because I had seen their new packaging on Instagram. There is nothing that makes me incredibly happy like seeing Nigerian brands doing amazing things from within the country. I would have easily picked these oils up in any drug store here in the UK. Their packaging is perfect in my opinion. If you are in Nigeria and in search of where to buy oils please check out Natural Nigerian's Ahia (store). The oils that I got from them are all 4oz/118ml.

NB* I'm really sorry about the lack of posts this past week, I decided to sprain everything at once. I sprained my knee and my neck, it was literally a series of unfortunate events, you guys should have seen me moving, lol. I'm feeling much better now so expect more posts this week.xx

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