Super Nail - Polish Thinner (Review)

Ya'll know by now that I love nail polish and as someone who likes to collect and use them, nothing hurts like watching them slowly thicken as a result of frequent use or even plain old exposure to air. I'd use nail polish removers to thin them out in the past but then I realized that asides from the immediate solution that they present, the polish is just never the same after you add remover to them.

Before buying a bottle of the Super Nail polish thinner I'd previously tried a bottle of the Orly polish thinner. It did a good job, albeit with a lot of product. To thin out a bottle of nail polish, I found that I had to add several drops of it into a polish so it came as no surprise that I ran out of my first bottle really fast! I was at home at the time and it was easier to buy the Orly thinner online and have it delivered to someone coming back to Nigeria, so I stuck with it.

I first discovered the Super nail thinner while I was in New York back in 2013. I went into a beauty supply store to buy the Super Nail acetone (which is everywhere in Nigeria btw) however the Super Nail polish thinner was displayed alongside it. I grabbed it as well since a 29ml bottle (which I have in this post)  was incredibly cheap, I think that it sold for $1 something. I went home that day, used it and fell in LOVE.

This thinner is very potent, way more potent than the Orly thinner is, so one or two drops should thin out a full bottle of thick polish. It has a very strong smell, one that is very similar to acetone but I don't mind it. It comes in a glass bottle, which makes it not so travel friendly. In addition, I also dislike the fact that it doesn't come with a dropper, droppers come in handy for dispensing a product like this and in the lack of it, dispensing is a chore. These flaws are however, manageable since they have everything to do with the packaging and not the product itself. It is still the best nail polish thinner that I've tried so I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5


"Remember this, he who sows meagerly will reap meagerly, and there shall be generous harvests for him who sows generously." 2 Corinthians 9:6


  1. Nice!!! My Orly nail polish thinner runs out really fast as well. Will definitely look around Lagos for this.

  2. Need this! Literally got a bunch of nail polishes that need to be thinned out a bit

  3. Nice. However, I don't paint my nails because medical school won't let a sister be great so I can't really relate to this post.

  4. Ahhhh!! Have not seen this product before, supernail products are everywhere and no sign of this..Really needed!!

  5. Really cool. Need to step up my nail polish game.

  6. Love your nails all the time