This product, is without a doubt, one of those Youtube made me do it items. You know how you decide to try something, not because there is anything wrong with the setting powder that you already own but because the whole world and their grandmothers are raving about it.

I've had the Sacha buttercup setting powder for over a year now and in all honesty guys, I didn't think that I needed it at first. I still had a jar of the Ben bye banana powder at the time and it was over half full so I was good. But then when people that you really respect when it comes to their opinion in makeup also jump the bandwagon, you have to find out what the heck is going on, lol.

I'm going to make this review very direct.
If you are looking for a setting powder and you are torn between getting the Ben nye banana powder and the Sacha butter cup setting powder, get the Sacha buttercup setting  powder, period. Why? The most common thing that people notice when comparing the two powders is the consistency of the Buttercup powder, it is more finely milled hence making it smoother and way easier to blend than the Ben Nye banana powder is. It is more translucent and this essentially gives you more control than you would ever get with the Banana powder, it is also the reason why you see a lot of people bake their under eye area using it, irrespective of the fact that they pack on a lot, it never looks too much on dusting off. In addition, it is not as drying as the Ben nye banana powder is. This was the only thing that I remember not liking with my ben nye powder,  I also have a friend who complained about the same thing. For most people with oily skin, the immediate under eye area is hardly ever as oily as the rest of the face, in my case, I literally have normal to dry skin there, however I also have tiny creases under my eyes, which I have to set properly and with the Ben nye powder the more powder I applied there, in a bid to set concealer properly, the direr the area looked. This is not good, especially after your cheeks begin to get oily and you are stuck with a dry/patchy looking under eye area, and a shiny face, yuck!

The packaging is also better than that of the Banana powder because, I feel sometimes like I poured half of banana powder away. I had to use up everything I always poured out or just dust it off because there was no way to pour it back in. Sacha buttercup powder comes in your regular loose powder packaging so all you have to do is pick product up with your sponge or brush and then cover it back up. However, it also comes in a compact version, if you are not a fan of loose products. It retails for $20 on the Sacha cosmetics website, meaning that it is slightly more expensive than 85gm of the Ben Nye banana powder (the big jar) which usually retails for about $13.

Has anyone tried the Sacha Buttercup setting powder? what are your thoughts?

"But, now I will bring health to the city. I will heal them and let them enjoy lasting peace and security.'" Jeremiah 33:6