Clarins Eye Contour Balm

I'm extremely cautious when it comes to skin care products so I'm never one to go off and try something if I don't see the need for it. Therefore I've always used my facial moisturizer to moisturize my entire face, I never felt the need to invest in an eye cream, until last year.

 I had to go look for something for my under eye area, after I moved to the UK last year.  It was Autumn/Winter at the time and the weather was really dry so my light weight moisturizer wasn't  cutting it. I have combination to oily skin on my face but the skin in my immediate under eye area is normal to dry. I love my day time moisturizer but it wasn't giving my under eye area the moisture  that it needed.  The area just felt and looked dry and as a result, my under eye concealer stayed looking dry an patchy.

I purchased the Clarins eye contour balm  last year, during Black Friday sales. Clarins never even came to mind while I was thinking of possible brands to check out for an eye cream (they are really high end). I had planned to explore options that I had available at the drug store first however, the  Clarins eye contour balm was selling for close to half the price so I felt that it was a good bargain.

 I was told that it was was very hydrating (main reason I bought it), light weight and suitable for all skin types, so I was really  really excited to try it out. It was all of these things except one, it did not work for skin type, I had to stop using it after about a month. It clogged my pores, badly. I had these little bumps immediately under my under eye area, right on top of chin and then the pores in my immediate under my eye area also started getting more visible, nope, it didn't look good. It was the only thing that I had introduced to my skin care routine so I knew that it was responsible. I had such high hopes! I'm just happy that I didn't buy it at full price. The product normally retails for £30 but I paid between £17- £20 for it.

Has anyone tried any good eye creams? feel free to share!


"He will destroy death forever. The Lord will wipe away tears from every face." Isaiah 25:8


  1. Try the body shop under eye cream very hydrating for the eye area, I was having the same dry under eye and this makes my concealer crease, I have been using it for a week now and I swear by it.

  2. I used this 3 years ago, Didn't break me out but did nothing for the skin around my eyes. Total waste of money.

  3. i bought this product some months ago for for dark circles and puffiness and it worked for a couple of weeks but after some time i just got bored of the whole routine of applying cream under my eyes. so only in extreme cases of fine lines i apply Vit E gel capsule the night before to reduce creasing the next day.


  4. Eyesilix..always on offer at Boots as well.

  5. Never bought an eye-cream myself and i have the same skin type as you. i just moisturize under and around my eyes daily with a little Bio-Oil, especially after i've (over) cleaned-off my eyeliner.
    A little amount is good, plus it helps with wrinkling and such. Doesn't cost kidneys and livers too.

    1. I also use bio oil.. And try to drink tons of water. The bio oil works well cuz my under eye area is not as dry as before

  6. I use the Burt's Bees Renewal Smoothing Eye cream. It's rather pricey but honestly I love it. I've paid more for eye creams that do nothing. This one tightens and hydrates & it smells lovely. You should give it a try!

  7. Try dr dennis gross eye serum

  8. Never tried any eye creams. But I think I should do so soon.
    The Style Cheapskate

  9. Never really tried any eye creams...Hi am new here was ff u on your makeup.

  10. That sucks! Good thing it didn't do more damage.

  11. You are one of the very few people I can trust to give an honest review about a product. Thank you for your honesty. At least now I know one product to NOT buy

  12. Huge fan of Clarins products, I usually get them from montaigne place in nigeria