Once upon a time, I had this sister who was slightly lighter than I am in complexion. She moved to another country and then gradually began to tan (aka darken). Her skin color is literally now identical to mine, hence she has become a foundation purchasing tool, the Kat Von D lock it foundation is a
living witness.

The Kat Von D lock-it foundation is a foundation that I've wanted for the longest time. I know that I say this a lot but I truly wanted to try this foundation for a long time. I remember sitting down in Sephora to get myself matched in 2013 but then they did not have my shade at the time, the foundation had a very limited shade range back then.

Well I hadn't forgotten about it when my sister called in August gushing about one foundation like that! My sister is not a makeup junkie so when she calls me gushing about a particular product, I pay attention. I immediately learnt from that conversation that Kat Von D had expanded their shade range and that the Kat Von D lock-it foundation was the foundation in question. I just jejely told her to go back to Sephora the next morning and get an extra bottle, thank you.

I'm in the shade deep 74, just like my sister and I've been using this foundation for about 3 weeks now. The first thing I noticed on using it was the consistency. It isn't  liquid per se, but more like a mousse, a thick mousse. One pump of this foundation will cover your face and I don't mean medium coverage, I mean full coverage! My sister told me that a little goes a long way but I didn't really understand how serious she was till I struggled to use up the one pump that I had squeezed out the first day I tried this foundation on. It sets really fast, so it is highly advisable that you work fast during application. Deep 74 is the last shade in the range but not the darkest. Since I was unable to view the shades physically, I've looked at a lot of swatches available online and I think that deep 74 is probably the darkest neutral shade in the range, deep 72 appears a lot darker and more red in most pictures I've seen. I know that a foundation my shade shouldn't be the darkest in any range, it just shouldn't!! I hope that they expand the range and introduce some new shades soon, since they've added more since 2013.

The foundation is however, the best that I've used so far in terms of oil control. The Estee Lauder double wear that I reviewed a while back has nothing on this, trust me. It controls oil so well, to the extent  that I avoid applying it on my immediate under eye area. My face is very oily but my under eye area isn't, and there is nothing I hate more than that dry patchy look that you sometimes get under the eyes, after you've set it to death with powder or use something really mattifying, so I don't use there. It has a thick consitency but doesn't  feel heavy on the skin. The only negative thing about this foundation for me is that it settles into the fine lines on the face, especially my smile lines. Therefore, whenever  I use it, the rest of my face often remains near perfect but then I have to touch up the area around my mouth a couple of times, since the foundation tends to sink into the lines there. It is available from Sephora and retails for $35.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5


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