You can never have too many red lip colors aye? lol. They are always the safest bet especially when you are new to experimenting with color. I probably have more red lip colors than I need, but they are RED, they are merciful to me in ways that pink lip colors aren't and they don't need brain work or too much thought, they always manage to just... work.
I bought this bad boy (I'm sure that we can all agree that it is a bad boy) at the Enugu Makeup fair, back in September. I didn't buy much at that fair but boy am I happy I got this. I purchased this lip color together with a few other products from the Talking faces stand. Damola who is the creative director at Talking faces literally talked me into getting this because I honestly wasn't that willing at first and it was mainly because I had heard little to nothing of the brand but she promised me that I was going to love it and love it I did. I regretted not getting other colors immediately after I swatched it.

I have a few other liquid lip colors but let me tell you guys, this trumps all of them. It has a very liquid consistency and that is one of the main reasons it applies like a dream. It dries without clumps and applies so smoothly. It has a velvety matte finish and it lasts like it is nobody's business. To take this off, I advise using a makeup remover or wipe that has some sort of oil in it. The Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is also highly recommended for taking this off. The only down side to this product is that it will stain your lips. I'm not even sure if that is such a down side because most of my red lipsticks and even some of the pink ones stain my lips but I just wanted to let you guys know.

Product: Jioney Long lasting lip gloss - 18
Price: N1,500
Purchased from: Talking faces.
Address: No 1, Salami street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Phone number: 07030832439, 08129923569
Email Address:,

FYI - I did not line my lips. I don't line my lips when I do lip swatches because I want the colors to appear true. I have a pink bottom lip with a dark border so lip colors that are not very opaque tend to look lined. 

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