Gucci Premiere - Eau de Toilette

I was on a sniffing spree in duty free when I met this babe. Yes she is a babe, everything about this bottle of perfume screams babe, correct one o so she will be called a babe.
You all know how I am with perfumes, I cannot explain what I like to anybody to save my life. The day I got this, I was diligently looking for something that literally smells like it and then lo and behold, my sister Ugochi walks past me with it, all smug and happy. I immediately found out how awesome it was and buy it I did.

It has a very subtle but distinct floral scent but the main thing hits you once you smell it is the orange blossom and jasmine. The scent is sophisticated in my opinion without being too much. It lasts on me. I love how short and compact the bottle is so it easily fits into most of my bags. It also looks very pretty siting on my dresser doing noting so it is useful in many ways, LOL.

Product: Gucci premiere - Eau de Toilette (50ml)
Price: 50ml usually retails for about £51 but I got it for way cheaper at duty free.
Where to buy: Any good perfume outlet near you.

"I will boast most gladly of my weaknesses, in order that the power of christ may dwell within me."
2 Corinthians 12:9


  1. Jasmine's my fave scent!!!

  2. I think it would b nice n better if u take out time to respond to questions asked in the comment section. D beauty of interaction is d response u get. Going thru most of ur posts,I see a lot of questions left unanswered. I understand its ur blog n ur way bt alotta peeps enjoy n respect ur opinion in d beauty world. Pls,try to respond to pple n not mk ur readers n followers look dumb. My opinion.(Sue)

    1. Hello,
      As unfantastic as this may sound, most of the questions that I get here are questions that I don’t have answers to or even questions that I'm working on answering. I've replied comments sometimes a month after they were posted because I was busy looking for an answer to them. 85% of the questions that I usually get are on where an item can be purchased in states or places that I don't live in and I've mentioned several times on this blog that I live in Enugu. 10% ask me questions that I've already answered within the post which clearly shows that they didn't read the write up I provided. I used to go on ahead and answer in the past but I just stopped because it wasn't right. The remaining 5% ask me questions that are completely unrelated to a post, some of them personal and on topics that I'm not comfortable talking about here and I don't answer them because I don't want to encourage people to keep doing so. I have an email address clearly stated on the contact me section of this blog and I always reply my mails. I get tons of questions all the time even on social media and I try to answer as much of them as I can so I can't guaranty that I will reply my mails immediately but I always try to within a week, Unless I have something major going on. There are also those questions that I don't answer like people asking me to tell them their foundations shades in a particular brand or telling me to list every single thing (including brand) that they will use to build up a professional makeup kit (that is almost impossible). Foundation shades are very tricky so its either you get yourself matched or do an online research and comparison. So that is it really, if you have a question, send me an email.

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    2. I don't know why you wasted your time commenting.. It's impossible to please everyone. I enjoy your blog if there's a question unanswered I just Google it, its not life or death.Continue to do your thing !

  3. Nice. At least u re able t clear d air about ds.(Sue)

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  5. Hv dis babe n i loooove it

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