I have been on the hunt for a good lip scrub for so long! Like prior to purchasing this baby, I had never owned a lip scrub and for somebody who deals with dry lips, that is hilarious. I kept making plans to buy one, heck! I even planned to make one but for where? Just before buying this, I had been using my Ajali raw sugar polish on my lips. It does a good job but because it is a product targeted for exfoliating the skin, the grains weren't small enough.
I was in the UK almost through out the month of July and my lips didn't like the UK. It's not something that I had just realized, its one of those things that I keep forgetting. My lips just kept getting drier and drier, I had to do something fast. After doing a little research, I just decided to give in and try this. 
For those of us who are not familiar with the brand Lush, they make the best smelling things in the world. Like if you were feeling a little sweaty, just walk into a Lush store and walk around for 5 minutes, you will walk out smelling like you'd used a bottle perfume worth N18,000. Lush makes handmade cosmetics that mostly smells like heaven and they do not test on animals. 

They had three lip scrubs on display the day that I walked into their store. There was mint julips, bubble gum and popcorn and I immediately went for bubblegum. Bubblegum smells just like Tutti frutti heaven. Like I give my self a pep talk every time I open the jar, I'm always like Koro Mechie (scoop and close) if not eh the thing just keeps finding its way to my nose. It smells amazing! Its is made with very simple ingredients. If you try hard enough, you might even be able to comfortably recreate something similar at home. It is made with castor sugar, organic joba joba oil, methyl lonone, flavor and color and the sugar grains are perfect for scrubbing the lip area. It exfoliates the lips gently and thoroughly so I always look forward to using it, a little goes a long way. 

Product: Lush Bubble gum lip scrub 
Purchased from: The Lush store, Uk
Price: £5 (about N1,340)

"Happy are those who obey the Lord, who live by his commands. Your work will provide for your needs; you will be happy and prosperous." Psalm 128:1-2