kate moss for Rimmel lasting finish matte lipsticks

I received these two lippies as gifts a while back, my aunty Chinwe sent them to me with a few other things and of everything in that my little pack, these two excited me the most. Prior to receiving them, I had only tried one thing from Rimmel and it was their eyebrow pencil and that was a long time ago.

109 - Bright apricot color. I'm on the hunt for the perfect liner for this bad boy, it is such a gorgeous color. I own some coral lipsticks but I don't own anything that looks quite like it.
111 - Gorgeous dark red. I've been obsessed with dark lipsticks lately, so this is a nice addition to my stash. 

They are both SUPER CREAMY! 
They apply a bit sheer with the first swipe, especially on dark skin but two or three more swipes should give you good coverage. Application is even and super smooth and they moisturise the lips nicely, they are not drying at all. They are not matte in my opinion, the brand claims that they are matte lipsticks but I'd compare the finish that they give to Mac's satin finish.
Rimmel is a drug store brand so they aren't that pricey. I believe that they sell for about $5 a tube. 

Product: Kate Moss for Rimmel Long lasting lipsticks 
Shades: 109 & 111

"Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3


  1. I just did a similar lipstick review, head on to my blog to have a look :)
    Susan | classysusie

  2. Gorgeous, I love Rimmel lipsticks! x

  3. After reading this review, I went on the lookout for them and snagged them up and they are absolutely gorgeous. I have never purchased Rimmed lipsticks before so this was a nice discovery and a wonderful addition to my ever growing lipstick collection.

  4. I've the Rimmel lipsticks I love the colours and the texture,my favourite have to be 109 & 80.


  5. Love this lipstick. Been using it for a year now and it smells great too. They last very long