I'm sure that most you don't know this but most big online merchants have store fronts on Amazon. A lot of them sell as third party sellers on Amazon.com and there is no difference in their prices or shipping costs. In most cases, if an item is out of stock on the brand website, then it most likely out of stock on their Amazon store as well. Brands like sigma, Acne.org, Coastal scents, BH cosmetics, etc all sell and ship through Amazon. A few weeks after putting up this post,  I tried ordering again from beautyjoint.com and I was not really shocked when I realized that they no longer gave people who were placing orders from Nigeria the option of standard delivery. The problem with most international orders shipped for standard delivery without tracking is that when it gets missing, nobody can really tell where it is  because there was nothing tracking it's progress. So I completely understand why they did what they did, especially with the amount of missing parcel complaints that they were getting from Nigerians. The only shipping option that they now offer people ordering from Nigeria is expedited shipping and that is way too expensive for Chidimma biko. I just can't get myself to pay more for shipping than I'm paying for the actual items in my cart.

The first thing that I did after discovering this was fly to Amazon and luckily for me, Beautyjoint had a store front there. I quickly added the exact same things that I wanted on their site into my Amazon cart and proceeded to check out.
The only thing is that, if you are ordering from beautyjoint on Amazon, they only give you the option of standard shipping and that is ok with me because they ship with USPS and I don't have money to dash EMS people.  I know someone who went on to order from the beautyjoint website recently and her order came on time and all but through EMS like I knew it was going to. She was called to come and pick it up and was also asked to pay.

My friend Fejiro recently brought it to my notice that the people at Nipost offices in lagos have started charging N500 per parcel you receive through any online transaction. It is not the case here in Enugu so irrespective of what I just wrote above, people in lagos might be expected to pay N500 whenever they receive any parcel from Amazon.com.

Every thing is this order cost me about $17.64 and I was charged only $6.20 for shipping. My shipping came about 2 days after the first estimated delivery date so it came right on time.

"May God, the source of hope fill you with joy and peace in your faith, so that your hope may increase greatly by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13