Anne Elise Real Hair

I got contacted a while ago by Anne of the the Anne Elise hair company.
Prior to being contacted by them I had heard quite a few things about the brand. I read Ez of  Beauty in Lagos's review a while back  and she had a lot of positive things to say about them so I was excited to try out whatever they sent me.

I received  the Filipino and Cambodian hair blend which is basically straight hair. I was told during my email conversations with Anne that the hair is straight but that it curled well. Let me not lie, I was skeptical after she told me this, really skeptical. I've  used straight hair in the past and in all honesty, they hardly ever curl well so I wanted to see how it would hold up.

The day that I received the hair, I was just going WOW up and down. I couldn't for the life of me get past the packaging and all the nice goodies that it came with, like they were not messing around. It came in a white salon bag and inside, there was nice paper box that had everything neatly placed in it. In that box there was  a pack of bendy rollers, a shower cap and a satin bag that contained the actual hair. The salon bag also contained a paddle brush and a transparent cosmetic bag.

I was sent 300g of the Filipino and Cambodian hair blend. The email that I received right before the hair was sent out stated that I was going to receive  the hair in lengths 14" 16" and 17" well for some reason I don't think that's what I received. The three bundles looked like they were the same length after I looked at them closely and my hair stylist also confirmed it once I asked him.
The texture of this hair is like nothing I've used before. It is fine but not too fine if that makes any sense, it doesn't feel Chinese in anyway. It is very lustrous and soft and let me tell you guys I used absolutely nothing on this hair, nothing at all. All the shine that you saw in the videos that I had it on in and in the collage that I have in this post is all on the hair. IT CURLS SO WELL, SO WELL! I'm sorry but I had to  make sure that no one missed that statement. You guys saw what it looked like straight out of the packaging it came in, OYA LOOK AT THE PICTURES IN THE COLLAGE!
I honestly did not wear this hair straight for one single day. I always curled it and while curling I did not use any type of holding spray. The curls would usually last a whole day, sometimes even into the next day.
There was shedding but nothing major. It also doesn't tangle, the paddle brush that it came with was what I  always used to comb it out so it came in very handy.

Company: Anne Elise Real Hair
Hair: Filipino and Cambodian Hair blend
Phone Number: 08103878447

"The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in love." Psalm 103:8


  1. how much did u buy it? u always post prices of products which i tink is cool.cos apart from the hair being nice it has to be budget friendly. thanks.

    1. Like I stated in the post, I did not purchase this product. The company sent it to me to try out and review. Kindly use the contact details that I added to the post for price inquirers.