I was at the House of Tara store launch in February and it was such a lovely event. It was a roof top party with lots of drinks and BEZ (Please if you do not know who Bez is, refer to google) and lots of beautiful people. I mostly stuck with some of my favorite beauty bloggers and we had a blast. There is nothing as therapeutic as gisting makeup! 
Before we left, we decided to pop into the store and get a few things. I honestly didn't have anything in mind, I just wanted to at least get one thing, na store launch I come! I ended up getting one of their matte lipsticks, a lip stain and a lip pencil and just as I was about to leave I met the lovely Temi who is the brand manager. We chatted a bit and then she handed me a bag with some House of Tara products in it. Na so I take enter prayer mode. I started praying against any principality and power and that would put anything that I had already purchased in that bag. I wanted new things, thank you!
God was merciful enough to answer my prayer, everything was completely different. I received a lot of things so I'm going to gradually follow them up with reviews. Today's post is going to be on the lipsticks. I received four additional lipsticks so I went home with a total of five. I purchased Nsa which is a gorgeous pink with serious blue undertones and I received Tejuohso, Bebe, Aswaani and Jankara. Scroll down a bit to see what they look like and what I think.
Aswaani - Gorgeous plum color. Very comparable to Mac's rebel and Wet n wild's sugar Plum fairy. In terms of application, this was one of my favorites.
Bebe - Bright coral pink. Goes on very sheer, not as creamy as the rest. This is one of my least favorites in the bunch. The color has nothing to do with it, it was just difficult so get even application.
Jankara -Lilac with blue undertones. This is currently one of my favorite lipsticks ever. I applied this immediately after applying Bebe and I was shocked at the difference in application. It is very creamy and goes on smoothly. It is very opaque so you don't have to keep swiping to get decent pigmentation.
Nsa - Light pink with serious blue undertones. If you line you lips with a purple liner, this lipstick will completely turn purple on you. It is actually the only lipstick here that I purchased with my money and I wish I went for something else. It goes on sheer and doesn't apply even.
Tejuoshso - Dark berry color. Very creamy, goes on smooth.

Packaging: I love how slim the packaging is. The tubes are narrow, slimmer than most lipstick tubes and that helps for easier application especially when you are not using a liner.
Finish: These lipsticks are said to be matte but I beg differ. They all have a sheen to them, some of them more than others. They mostly all have a finish that is very similar to Mac cosmetic's amplified finish.
Price: Ranges fromN1,400 to N1,500 depending on where you buy.
Where to buy: Any House of Tara Outlet near you, Jumia.comKonga.com. For a complete list of Outlets, Click Here.

What is your favourite House of Tara lipstick? 

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