Scentsational Natural Soy Candle - Black Orchid

I love my room. I'm not saying this because I love my current room, I'm just a room lover. I've loved every room that I've ever called my own and I'm sure that I'll still love my future rooms irrespective of how crappy they might seem at first.
I blog, film, edit, work, eat, sleep, read, do everything in my room so I try as much as possible to keep it as comfy and as nice smelling as I can.
There is nothing better than the blast of sweet smelling air that hits you once you open your door after you've been away for a while. Air fresheners don't give me that, scented candles do. I love collecting candles. I have quite a few of them right now and its  because they are so difficult to come by here in Enugu so I buy as I see, lol. I love burning them while I work and most of all I love the way that their scents manage to permeate into everything long after you've put them out.

I bought this beauty at the palms shopping mall last month. I took a friend to the Mac store and on our way out I saw a stand that had some candles on display so I just had to stop and sniff.  This one stuck with me, my friend also said that she loved it too so it kind of sealed the deal.
This is my first soy candle and I didn't even know that it was a soy candle till I got home. It is way softer than the wax candles that I own and it also burns slower. I'm burning it as I type and it smells absolutely amazing :). 

Product: Scentsational Natural soy candle in Black Orchid
Where to buy: Silverline,  The Palms shopping mall, Lagos
Price: N4,000

"They forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt,  mighty works in the land of Ham, and awesome deeds by the sea of Reeds." Psalm 106:21-22


  1. I need to try this. I have a couple of scented candles that I could start this scented journey with :-)

  2. looks divine...l also love scented candles so much, hope you are doing great!

  3. scented candles... im going to try it

  4. Wow!! Do you ever live that room? Lol! This candle looks so simple, but I can tell it smells wonderful.

  5. please where can i buy ben nye banana powder in enugu?

    1. You can order from,, gifty's daughter or

  6. please dinma where can i also buy ben nye banana powder in festac?