At a point in my life, I made it my business to buy anything recommended by specialists to help get rid of acne. A lot of people recommended tea tree oil at the time because of its antibacterial properties so I made it my business to get my hands on it. For those of us who do not know, Tea tree oil has tons of beauty benefits so I'll be sharing a few.

Tea tree oil has very strong antibacterial properties so when applied topically on the skin, it has the ability to destroy most of the bacteria that causes acne and also soothe already inflamed breakouts. I love using it whenever I decide to steam my face at home, I just put a few drops in the hot water that I'll be using.
If you are plagued by dandruff try adding just a tiny bit to your shampoo, you'd be surprised at how much this baby would help.
Nail infection
Because of its powerful anti fungal and anti viral properties, tea tree oil is ideal for healing  those pesky fungal infections that can occur on the toes.
Tea tree oil is quite effective for treating ringworm. About 3 years ago, I realized that I had a pesky patch of ring worm on my arm. If you guys saw the horror on my face when I actually realised what it was. If looks could kill, the thing would've shriveled and died on the spot. I actually thought at the time that I had some sort of worm under my skin but you see, situations like this make you love google. I did a little googling and alas realised that there was  no worm. Ring worm is actually a skin infection due to a fungus. I did a little research on how to get rid of it and almost every article that I read recommended tea tree oil. I applied it morning, afternoon and night on that area and within a week, my skin was back to normal.

Tea tree oil is very light weight and absorbs quite easily into the skin. This one is by The body shop and I bought it from a beauty supply store in Enugu called Red wrappings.

Product - The body shop Tea Tree Oil
Quantity - 10ml
Price - N1,000

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