Kayge Cosmetics - Swatched

Mist - sheer nude with pink undertone 
Flawless - nude 
Pop - Multifunctional lip gloss. This bad boy goes on clear but gently adjusts to a pink shade that suits your skin tone. It smells amazing.
Orchid - Dark berry color with specks of shimmer  
Cherry Pop - Beautiful red color, applies like a dream.
Sugar Plum - This lipstick is a perfect dupe for mac's rebel and wet n wild's sugar plum fairy. It also applies amazing, currently one of my favorite lipsticks ever. 
Classic Red - Bright red color 
Nude - Nude color with pink undertone 
Toast - Lovely brown shade. It is the perfect brown for my nude lipsticks, not too light, not too dark.
Berry - Gorgeous berry color. Perfect for lining sugar plum. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know that I put up a picture of these goodies a while back.
The lipsticks all have a finish similar to mac's amplified finish which isn't shiny or super matte. They  have amazing color pay off and apply so well. The glosses also apply well and like I've mentioned in previous posts, they do not flake. Kayge is one of my favorite Nigerian brands and I honestly can't wait till they start making more that just Lip products.
They recently changed their packaging and I love love love how funky it looks.

You can buy kayge products from any Gifty's daughter store close to you
You can also buy their products from Konga. com, here is a direct link - Click Me
Website - Kaygecosmetics.com
Facebook - Kayge Cosmetics

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  1. Lovely.pls did u line your lips with lip liner before applying the lipsticks?

  2. Hello Dinma,nice review pls can u do a review on house of tara new lipstick, and contour kit thanks and God bless

  3. Yummy colours!
    Mi likey!


  4. The picture quality is killing me.. so beautiful !!

  5. Wow, the colors look so good. Never heard of this brand before though. xx

  6. I love love this, beautiful lip colours, nice review. Kudos

  7. its a new brand and its amazing

  8. im soo in love with the sugar plum lipstick, esp when you mix it with the kayge melon lipgloss... its uber amazing... oh and definately line your lips with kayge blush lip liner.. thank me later

  9. One word..... beautiful.