I love painting my nails, I absolutely do. So it irritates me when any of my nail polishes especially the expensive ones  thicken on me . I had this problem for the longest time especially with nail colours that I constantly applied. The more I applied them the more they thickened, it was just very frustrating. I knew that the best way to solve this problem was by using a nail polish thinner to thin the polish out but I searched everywhere ( I was in Enugu at the time) and most people didn't even know what it was. A couple of people suggested I try adding nail polish remover to the nail polish. I knew that it would help somewhat but it just didn't sound right. I later read in some articles that nail polish removers usually damaged the consistency of the nail polish and affected its lasting power. 

Since It wasn't likely that I would get it here I ordered my first bottle form Amazon.co.uk for £8. I knew someone who was coming back and she just helped me bring it home.

Orly Nail Lacquer thinner restores life to all types of thickened nail Lacquer.
Apply 1-2 drops to thickened nail lacquer. Shake well, add more as necessary.

I've been in love with this stuff since the first time I used it. I just apply a couple of drops to the thickened lacquer and shake thoroughly. I usually start by applying like 5 drops,then I shake and apply more if needed. If the polish isn't really goopy or thick and I just want to help it apply more evenly I start with 2 drops. The thickness of the nail polish should determine the amount of thinner you start with.

I bought my second bottle from DFT cosmetics in the Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall, surulere. Like I've said in previous posts they have a pretty impressive Orly stand.

 PRICE: N1,300


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