From Left to Right: Orly nail Defence, Orly Bonder, Elf - white, Nabi - Lime light, L.A girl Disco - Can you dig it?, L.A colors - Splash, Seche vite top coat.


  • I started off by applying one coat of Orly nail defense on my nails.
  • Waited 5 minutes and applied one coat of Orly bonder.
  • Next I applied two coats of Elf nail polish in white.
  • After it dried completely I applied two coats of Nabi nail polish in Lime light, L.A girl - can you dig it? and L.A colors - splash in stripes on a makeup sponge.
  • Next I gently stamped/dabbed  the nail polish on the sponge directly unto my nails till I got the desired effect. (If you feel the polish isn't  showing up properly as you apply, don't hesitate to reapply thin coats on the sponge).
  • Then I applied two coats of seche vite top coat. This will give your manicure needed shine and help the colours blend perfectly.
  • I finished off by cleaning my nail area and cuticles with acetone and a nail brush. You can clean up with nail polish remover and some cotton buds. I prefer to use actone (or nail disslover)  for clean ups  because acetone gets the polish off faster. 



"You Prepare a banquet for me where all my enemies can see me;you welcome me as an honoured guest and fill my cup to the brim. Psalm 23:5