Gifty's daughter + haul

I first heard about Gifty's daughter after the Lagos makeup fair last year. I could not make it to the fair for a couple of reasons but from pictures and posts by bloggers who made it, it  was quite obvious  that  their stand was very popular. I wanted a couple of things from  them and the wanting only intensified when I discovered that they didn't have a store in Lagos. I think they came to the fair from port hacourt at the time.

They finally opened a store in Ikeja early this year, thank goodness!. I managed to squeeze out time on friday and to Ikeja I went, lol.

The store is located in 25a Toyin street, Ikeja. Its very close to water parks and shares the same fence with the Mr Biggs on that street. From the pictures above  you can tell that the place is literally NYX heaven. They also carry products from Ben nye, Wet n wild, fashion fair, Urban Decay, Ardell, Red Cherry, Nars, Z palette, Embryolisse etc. They also sell a lot of professional makeup equipment like makeup boxes, chairs, disposable brushes etc. The lady that I met in the store was well informed and very helpful. There is nothing that irritates me like walking into a store and discovering that the people who work there don't even know what half of the products they sell are used for.

 I picked up the wet n wild mega eyes cream liner. I ran out of my fluid line and mac doesn't have it in stock so I decided to try this. I've seen a lot of good reviews on this liner , a lot of people really believe that its comparable to  fluid line. I'll try it out and tell you guys what I think. I got  the Ben nye glitter glue (really really excited about this product)  and an NYX glitter in Disco ball. I also bought two pairs of Ardell wispies, an NYX lipgloss in pinky Natural and a Wet n Wild polish in I Red a good book.



"I am the Lord, and I do not change" Malachi 3:6


  1. Luvly!!! Would check it out ASAP!

  2. Thanks for the info on this store. Looks mega-stocked. And you are so,so blessed with talent. All the best, Dimma

  3. lovely. I don't know a lot about Ikeja but will check it out with a friend that does asap. And I love the way you ended your post. the bible verse means a lot to me.

  4. Hello Dimma, I am glad you loved the store and got a good substitute for a staple of yours. I am sure you won't be disappointed. I hope you are going to apply for a loyalty card soon.

  5. Omggggg. Good to know she now has a shop in Lagos. Her ph shop is the ish. She sells those Ben-Nye powders at a cutthroat price tho. It's never that serious.-_-

  6. Pls whr's is Τ̲̅ђε̲ portharcourt shop?

    1. 48 Khana Street, Stopover Plaza D/Line, Port Hacourt.

  7. OMG!! Someone told me that there was a store on Toyin street that sold a variety of shades of Ben Nye powder, but that they were still setting up the place. When I went to the store, it wasn't open yet. I canNOT believe it was the Gifty's Daughter store! Ahhhhh!! It looks amazingggg, those Z-palettes. Can't wait to visit. Thanks for the pictures Dimma! xx

  8. Your pictures are amazing!! did a horrible job-as per pictures of her PH store. I was too excited to get decent pictures.Will definitely be back @ the port harcourt store soon. your wonderful blog makes me want to be a better blogger. the wet n wild color icon eyeshadows are amazing too.