If  you haven't heard of the Ben nye banana powder sit back and let me gist  you. Ben nye is make up brand that specialises in stage and theatrical makeup. Their powders especially the banana powder became very popular last year after news got out that kim kardashian's makeup artist uses it on her.

The banana powder became really popular  with women of colour because it suits almost every skin tone and and it also doesn't leave a grey or ashy cast on the skin.

Finally got my hands on it thank goodness and It sure is worth the hype. This is currently what I use to set the  highlighted areas of my face  and I absolutely love it. The last picture shows what it looks like blended into the skin and you guys can see that it has little or no colour pay off (depending on the amount you use). For dark skinned chicas like me a little goes a long way. I have oily skin and this holds up pretty well.

The only thing I don't like about this product is the way it is packaged. I'm generally not a fan of loose powders, I prefer it when my powders are pressed but since this is the only way it comes, I will manage, lol.

Price - N3,500
Where to buyBeautyrevolutionng.com

I orderd from them and they delivered  to my house. I paid cash on delivery.


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