L.A Girl glazed lip paints

I heard all and sundry rave about this stuff and I was about to purchase them before I received them as in the mail courtesy of Juvia's place
Baby Doll - light pink with blue undertones.
Blushing - Deep taupe mauve
Hot Mess - Bright coral/orange
Coy - Violet purple with blue undertones
Bombshell - Fuchsia pink
Pin-Up - Neutral red

Prior to getting my hands on these, I had nothing like them. They are very pigmented lip paints with a glossy finish and they smell like mint. They also give the usual cooling sensation you get with lip  products that  are infused with mint. I love how pretty they look, considering the fact that you don't have to pay too much for them. 
With that said, 
Ya'll know how I love to swatch lip products but I could not for the life of me get these to work. I tried  swatching them severally but  I couldn't get decent application and that had a lot to do with the applicator that they come with. I wish them came with a wand or some sort of applicator. I'm also not a very big fan of the consistency, I feel like they are too runny. Applied lightly with a lip brush on lined lips, they do look great though.

Has anyone tried the glazed lip paints, how do you apply them?

Product: L.A girl glazed lip paints
Price: $2.75
Where to buy: Juviasplace.com. Juvia's place delivers internationally, even to Nigeria. 

"Since we have such hope, we can act with complete confidence." 2 Corinthians 3:12 


  1. I find that you're like an enabler for my inner make up junkie. I'm always adding stuff to my lust list based on your reviews. And this is because i feel like i can trust you to be honest about your opinions on products even when you're gifted them. I also like that you actually go out and buy most of the products. So biko keep it up, while i try not to go bankrupt.

  2. Best way to apply is by using a lip brush!

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  4. Pretty shades, I have never tried them

  5. beautifully pigmented colours.

  6. been putting off buying them for reasons i don't know..ive always had my eyes on coy

  7. Coy is my fave but not a fan of glossy finishes. Hardly wear them. Hate the minty feel on the lips too.

  8. you can get them at renee mall in ikoyi there is an LA girl stand there

  9. I love this product...little goes a long way...creamy but can be wasted if not handled with care