I went to Ikeja city mall last week to check out the new Mac store. Before I left the mall I decided to buy some toiletries from poise. To cut the story short I left there with two lipsticks, some false lashes and no toiletry. 

I actually don't own that many lip products, my staple lipsticks are from mac and they are not that many. I usually stick with conventional everyday colours when it comes to lip products and stay away from the bright colours especially the pink ones. I think I own just two pink lipsticks and with the pinks the darker/deeper the better for me lol. I'm gradually  adding colours I won't usually buy to my collection. I've decided to find ways to make them work.
 I bought two lipsticks by a brand called prestige. The lipsticks were sold for N1,000 each. 

V.I.P (CL-62A)- this is a lovely nude colour with a little bit of pink in it. This lipstick isn't matte, it has a little bit of sheen to it. I didn't find it drying which to me is very important. There is nothing more annoying than lipsticks that just dry up on you, tueh!

STOP! (CL-85A) - this is a bright coral pink lipstick with little bits of shimmer in it. It Isn't matte and  just like V.I.P it has some sheen to it. I don't think the picture does it justice though. I can't wait to try this lipstick out with different lip liners.

Has anyone tried anything from prestige?