Review: Real Techniques Core Collection

The brush that got me interested in the set is the buffing brush. I was using the elf powder brush at the time for foundation application and it just wasn't cutting it for me. 
I've had them for close to a year now and they don't know what shedding is! they just don't. I'm a freak when it comes to washing brushes and these look and feel the same way they did the day I received  them.
 I just wish that the handles were smaller though. They are just FAT and that FATNESS makes storing them in holders difficult sometimes. Other than that eh, they are perfect.

I bought the set from for £20.99 which is like N5,130. These brushes are worth every penny I spent on them! 

BUFFING BRUSH - this brush I think makes most people buy the collection  purely for itself due to the fact that it isn't sold separately. Its with no debate my favourite brush in the collection because it applies any kind of foundation like a dream. 

CONTOUR BRUSH - what i love most about this brush is the size. It fits the hollows of my cheeks perfectly and that on its own just makes contouring easier for me. 

POINTED FOUNDATION BRUSH - I mainly use this brush to apply  concealer. The size of the brush and the way it is built makes it perfect for applying and blending out concealer. 

DETAILER BRUSH - I have a couple of lip brushes but this little guy here trumps them all. It says on the pack they came in that it can also be used for concealer  but I think its way too small for that. This I think is  perfect for lipstick and lip colour application.

Has any one tried this collection?



  1. Excellent tutorial! I'm tempted to get the brush kit soon for personal use sha...
    Nice Photography hey! Did u do the styling and photography yourself? You are truly artistic Dimma...

    Thx for sharing
    Manto (Cape Town)

    1. Thank you dear! yes I did the photography myself.

  2. Just came across your blog & I love it! I need a makeup artist & you just might be it!lol.

    Great work


  3. Hiya hun! Great review, love the Real Techniques Core Collection too, you should try the Expert-Face brush from Real Techniques, great for working in liquid foundation :)

    Quick question: The site you ordered them off, did they deliver to you here in Nigeria?

    Ez x

    1. thanks dear. Will definitely try the expert face brush.
      About the brush, I had it delivered to a family member in the UK who was coming back to Nigeria. I don't think they deliver outside the UK.

  4. If you are interested in buying the Real Technique brushes here in Nigeria you can order from HERE Just click on Beauty Shop on the opened page.

  5. Hey dimma,just checked on ur blog. Keep up d good work. Saw dis set of real techniques core collection brushes in d market here in Nigeria buh dnt knw if it's d original. It has a transparent pack and a kit for d brushes so I cldnt feel d texture. What do u think

  6. Thank you. It might have been the core collection because they do come in a transparent pack

  7. Please i want the Techniques expert face
    How do i get it?