hey guys, 
hope y'all are good. sorry I've been M.I.A for some time now but the story is just long.*sigh*. I'm going to keep the posts coming from now on so you guys should please bear with me.

I got the clarisonic mia last year when my skin was giving me all sorts of hell. i had just finished my final exams and my skin was acting crazy. like most people i tend i to break out when i'm stressed but the type of acne i had last year  scared the daylight out of  me.  I had a type of acne vulgaris, not mild acne or moderate acne but the worst type there  is. my face is acne free now thanks to the regimen , I will be talking all about that in an up coming post.

I got the mia in august 2011. I saved up for it went to selfridges closed my eyes and bought it!. I'd  read so many good reviews and seen people rave about it on youtube so I  honestly believed at the time that this was  going to be the answer to my prayers.

clarisonic mia

there are several types of clarisonic skin cleansing systems but i decided to get the  mia because it was the cheapest of the lot. the mia comes in a variety of different colors but i ended up getting  the blue one. I don't have the box it came in, i don't even think i came back  here with it. it would have taken up too much space in my box so i just threw it out. the box contained the following:
* the cordless clarisonic mia
*  a compact pLink international charger
*  a sensitive brush head
* 1 oz. trial size gentle hydro cleanser 

clarisonic mia

clarisonic gentle hydro cleanser

I've not used this cleanser since I got it. I use the clarisonic  mia with my normal facial cleanser. I've seen very good reviews on this cleanser though so i don't think it's bad or anything.
clarisonic mia with charger

when i first got the mia, i used it every night to cleanse my face. I kept using this with my clinique anti-blemish cleanser and my face gradually started getting better. i was still breaking out though  but not as much as i used to.

I'm on something called the regimen now but I still use this to deep cleanse my face once in a while. I'd recommend using this once or twice a week for those with sensitive oily skin (which i think I have). people with dry skin could get away  with using  this daily though. I've learnt from experience that the more gentle I am with cleansing the better it is for my skin so i don't use this daily any more.

the mia deep cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin at the same time and that quite simply makes it idle for those of us who wear makeup. the clarisonic website claims that it cleanses 6 times better than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds. it's also gentle enough to be used twice daily.

first, i remove my makeup using makeup removing wipes. after that, I put some cleanser on my face then press the button on the mia and run the brush all over my skin. you don't need to go back and forth with the brush like you are scrubbing, just place it on your skin and let it do the job. the timer is set at 1 minute so the brush stops spinning after a minute.

yes!, especially to those with acne prone skin.

please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions :-). i love feedback.xxx