Collective Haul with swatches

hey everyone, 
I've been doing a little shopping lately and i've acquired a few stuff. some of them are things i've used in the past and decided to repurchase but most of them are things i'm trying out  for the first time. i've decided to show you guys anywayz

so here is everything.....


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT   AVON: mink vision, vamp it up, fusion, red wine, crystal calm.  HERILIELES: F70

let me start by saying that I'm not very good at applying nail polish. applying  nail polish with my left hand sometimes seems like the most difficult thing in the world. i'm also very impatient after application lol. i'd rather have it dry immediately after application which i know is virtually impossible *sigh*. five of the nail polishes i got are from the avon speeddry+ collection. the fact that it had speed dry written on it was enough for me, seriously. i got the bright red one from a local beauty supply store here in town and it has the longest name ever HERILIELES i'm even scared of pronouncing the name sef . don't even try google cause it came up with nothing absolutely nothing! but the color is just gorgeous and that is why i got. it's a very very very bright red i know it comes off as orange in the picture but trust me its red.     

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT      SLEEK EYE DUST in inferno, MARY KAY EYESHADOW in coal, JORDANA L/S   in bay blue  
i got three eye shadows. one  is pressed and the other two are loose.  the mary kay eye shadow in coal is pressed while the jordana  loose eye shadow and sleek eye dust are both loose

the mary kay eyeshadow and most of their pressed products usually come in a pan so when i buy them i 
just remove them from their plastic case and put them in my z palette. the z palette is just an empty magnetic palette, i decided to get this because i had a lot of mary kay eyeshadows ( all the eye shadows in the top row are mary kay) and the plastic cases to me were just useless. i know mary kay sells their own magnetic palettes but those things  to me are too small. the z palette comes in handy because i just depot the eye shadows i use  most and place them there.


i got three lip liners. two mary kay lip  liners in chocolate and raspberry and one airwoman pencil in 023. the air woman pencil is comething similar to the davis eye and lip pencils. davis is a very popular  and cheap brand here i Nigeria. the air woman pencil cost me 50 Naira which is like 31 cents.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT   MARY KAY ultimate mascara in black, liquid eye liner in black, pencil eyeliner in black

i got the  mary kay pencil eyeliner, liquid eye liner and ultimate mascara. the mary kay eye liners are the best things ever. the liquid liner is my best liquid eyeliner ever. i've been using it together with the pencil eyeliner for ages and i just repurchased. its my first time using the ultimate mascara though so i will do a review on it after using it for some time.

the liquid eyeliner actually dries matte. this picture was taken immediately after i applied it on my arm  thats why it looks a bit shiny.

i've loved this perfume since the first time i used it. i use all sorts of things and still go back to this once in a while. it smells so nice if you ask me. i've been looking for this for some time now since the mary kay sales rep i usually buy stuff from hasn't had it in sooo long. i saw it  in  a shop in new haven yesterday and just grabbed it, lol.

london life lagos living, finally!!. it took me ages to get this book. the hub kept promising to have this book available since december last year. they finally did shaa and I'm soo happy. cant wait to start reading!.

so there you have it!
please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions. i love feedback.x


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!

  2. You are so beautiful! Cannot believe it ♥
    Your looks are pretty

  3. i read this post and tried out the Bella Belara perfume, and i swear i`m hooked....nice blog :)

  4. You know what? You should try Seche Vite top coat, oh my word! My record to touch my nailpolish after applying is about 50 seconds. Yes, it's that good!

    It's a bit dear though. It cost me about a fiver for 3mls. Bu oh SO worth it.