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Without much doubt, we are currently living in one of the most unpredictable periods in recent history. Practically overnight borders closed, business operations were suspended and even socialising became restricted. And, as with every new situation, we needed time to first ignore, panic, accept and then tackle the challenges that came with it. Now that we are entering the road of recovery, you may want to consider taking this unfortunate situation and turn it into an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Take a look at your job, home, hobbies, etc. Are you happy? Is there anything you would like to change and can change? Are there things that you really enjoy and would like to make them a more central part of your life? Can you turn your passion into a career?

Using the time now to reflect on your personal and professional life will help you to take this challenging time and turn it into an opportunity to get the promotion you always wanted, start an activity you always enjoyed but never found the time to, or spend more time with loved ones.

Taking care of your inner and outer wellbeing will make it easier to be successful in your endeavour.

Mind – Is your life running on autopilot without many intellectual challenges? Whatever knowledge we acquire, everything tends to become boring if we don’t tickle our minds with new and exciting information. Not only does it provide a sense of satisfaction to have learned something new, but it also keeps our minds purring for longer as we get older.

Body – As many still experience strict lockdown measures, you may take any opportunity you have to get outside, go for a walk or even take up outdoor exercise as a way to relieve stress, switch off a busy mind or just for a change of scenery. Now that you already started these habits, why not continue them in the future? Being active shouldn’t just be an alternative to being confined indoors. Now that you started, keep it up!

Soul – Are you feeling satisfied with your work and personal life? While all of us have good and bad days, the overall answer should be yes. If not, think about the things that you can change to make it easier for you to get up each morning and face the world in a positive way.

While there isn’t an easy answer for everything, Unicaf can be the answer to challenge your mind, give you more chances for the promotion you want, and all this while having the time and flexibility to take care of your family, body and soul with the state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment. Unicaf offers scholarship opportunities to study for internationally recognised Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes from accredited university partners in the UK, US and Africa. You have the opportunity to earn your university degree online from the comfort of your home.

So, take this opportunity to advance your knowledge and career with Unicaf and learn more here.

*NB Image and write up provided by UNICAF.

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