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The same way that the perfect makeup requires a perfect foundation, so do your studies.

It’s easy to dive head-over-heels into something new and exciting but it’s important to be prepared,
not just what you want to study and what your goals are, but also your study schedule, area and the
time to give your mind the breaks it will need during this important time of your life.

Studying, whether online or on-campus, can drastically boost your career prospects, whatever
profession you are in. However, don’t think of studying as just something you have to do in order to
get a piece of paper. A study programme should be used as a tool of condensed knowledge that
helps you to work more efficiently, quickly and with better chances that your ideas will bear fruits.
Selecting the right studies that are achievable, affordable and flexible enough for you is essential to
not only achieve your work goals but also for you to be happy in your life.

How can you lay the perfect foundation for your learning journey?

First, try to think if your goal is to squeeze some study time in between your daily tasks or if you plan
to have your dedicated study time at certain times of the week.
If you plan to have your dedicated study time, set up a quiet area at home that you use only for your
studies and prepare it in the best way possible with all study material you need, good lighting and
even decoration that creates a pleasant environment. Trying to study on your couch with the TV
running and other family members passing through to do household chores will cause distractions
that can make you lose focus.

Packing most of your studies into your breaks throughout the day and on your commute will save
you time in the evenings and on the weekend but it does need more commitment to keep focused.
Also, having everything you need well organised is important as the last thing you want to do on a
crowded bus is to start digging through papers. If you can, a small laptop or tablet can go a long way
to help you to keep everything neatly packed away on your travels.

Whatever option you choose, take your breaks in between your studies so your mind can recharge.
While many people think of just idly looking out of a window or doing a repetitive quiet hobby is not
productive, this is exactly the time that your brain is processing acquired information. Take time out
in between a busy work, study and social life and you will see that learning new things will be easier.

Now it’s time to start building on this foundation.

After you have thought about what your goals are and how you can arrange your studies, it’s time to
take your first step into a world of knowledge. There is an almost infinite number of offers out there
but be sure to check the credibility, recognition and affordability so that you can get to the finish line
of your higher education goals without obstacles.

One of the leading online platforms offering affordable, quality higher education to underserved
markets, in collaboration with reputable universities in the UK, US, Europe and Africa is Unicaf.
Already mentioned on numerous platforms, such as The New York Times, Forbes and Vanguard,
Unicaf has transformed the way Nigerians can earn their university degrees. Through the Unicaf
Scholarship Programme, you can study towards a Bachelor, Master’s or Doctoral degree from a
range of esteemed partner universities without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, and
only pay a fraction of the usual tuition fees.

Why not check out if you can take this first step today with Unicaf here and, with some work,
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*NB Image and write up provided by UNICAF.

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