Lagos, Nigeria


" People may plan all kinds of things, but the Lord's will is going to be done." Proverbs 19:21


  1. Hi Dimma,
    Okay, I was so close to commenting on your YouTube channel but decided to do it here. I unfortunately have no social media account except WhatsApp and of course Youtube(with my name boldy written).
    I've been a follower and subscriber for over 7 years now, from the blogging days and "that igbo chick"
    You raised so many valid points. As a middle class Nigerian, I remember a blogpost u did back in 2013 or 2014 on house of tara and till date Dimma, all products of mine are from House of Tara. I find it so hard to move on or keep testing. I've been looking out for years now to get a review from you on their brush set, make up products and all as In my opinion, they are quite popular here but with the video made last year, I finally understood a bit.

    Right from my school days in Enugu, I've always tried to get enough data to keep up with your videos and I still do. So here are my points to
    1. I'm glad u mentioned the average Nigerian being able to purchase products that are constantly being told are great, I purchased some weaves last year from a popular lady on Instagram cos of the reviews. Now note, I was still serving in Kano then. Worth over 220k but I saved.

    2. Speaking on drug store brands and all, I remember when I discovered MANGO was now in Nigeria. Tried the website but apparently the delivery option wasn't available when I finally came into Abuja from Kano, the prices were crazy compared to buying Mango online on their UK website. spoke on Nigeria not being three cities cos believe me,in Kano where I lived, you were known by my northern friends, there is a huge mall in Kano but not so many stores as expected and still difficult finding stuff...

    There are so many Nigerian brands that can do with a lil bit of exposure. I remember when I discovered Namaste Organics this year and I keep wondering why they aren't so popular but I totally get your point.

    If you ever get to read to this, I'm sorry for the long and unnecessarily long post with lil to no points made(I even got tired and almost deleted it thrice)

    From a follower constantly wishing you well.

  2. But will they listen?
    Great points, brands need to wake up and pay attention

  3. Thank you, Dimma for using your platform to speak on these issues!
    Had to laugh when you said "Chidimma won't do that" LOL!
    These brands really don't rate Nigerian customers and bloggers at all. I see what L'Oreal brands (for instance) have done recently in South Africa (use of influencers + thoughtful inclusive events), and I wonder why they do not do the same here.
    Thank you again, for speaking up.

    P.S. Maybelline is trying to do the drugstore thing now, I think, with SPAR. I noticed them in a corner of the SPAR at Ilupeju.

  4. Hello, just got your channel then I subscribed with the 5 black soap you talked about which I'm a fans of it, I belived in natural products & black is beautiful, ur colour calls my attention, I wished my black tones, glow, brightening like yours, how can you help me out with my skin care. Thanks will be expecting ur reply

  5. My Ego Oyibo in *faaribysisiope's voice* you made so many relevant point. Hope they listen