When it comes to concealers, I've felt for years like I'm on a perpetual hunt. 95% of them have creased on me. They just sink right into the tiny creases that I have underneath my eyes and no amount of retouching is ever able to fix that. Then if I manage to find one that doesn't crease, it often dries out my immediate under eye area, leaving me with a very zombielicious patch. After a day of intense frustration with my LA girl pro concealer, I went out and bought the Nars Radiant creamy concealer  based on Jackie Aina's recommendation. 

The Nars Radiant creamy concealer almost answered all my concealer prayers. There are a few boxes that I did not check off with it but I came really close,  I will get back to those shortly. The concealer comes in a tube, similar to that of the lipglosses/liquid lipsticks tubes that we all own. The doe foot applicator that it comes with helps reduce the chances of a messy application, since all you have to do is dip the wand/applicator into the tube and then apply into needed area. It has a consistency that I would call medium for a liquid concealer since it is not too thick or too liquidy. This consistency also makes blending extremely easy, with a damp beauty blender, application should be literally flawless. Its is very light weight and long wearing. It is not drying either, neither does it crease. Just make sure to set the concealer immediately after application.

Having said all this, Nars in my opinion had a very poor shade range for this product and as a result, I currently own two shades, Amande and Caramel. I started out with a tube of Amande because it was the only shade that could give me a decent highlight, since caramel the color before it was too light and Cafe the shade after it was too dark. Therefore I got stuck with mixing Amande with Caramel for days that I wanted an obvious highlight. However, they expanded their shade range a few months back with six new shades and introduced a new shade Chestnut, which I believe might be a perfect highlight shade for me. Lastly, at £22 the price is not sexy at all and almost ridiculous in this recession. However, if you bought this concealer, it is highly unlikely that you would hate or even dislike it, since it has one of those formulas that work great for people with dry, combination and oily skin.



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