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 I'm not ashamed to say that Zara fragrances were among my biggest discovery of 2016. My sister bought one during a sale early last year, I was with her the day that she made the purchase and I remember thinking that it was probably going to smell like scented water, since it was ridiculously cheap. The next day, while we were out, I asked her what she was wearing, she smelled amazing, I thought that it was probably something that she had come to the UK with, so imagine my shock when she told me that it was the perfume that she had bought the day before from Zara.

I bought the Zara Pear & White flowers perfume for a mere £5. The 100ml bottle retails for £12.99 on a normal day but Zara slashes their prices by over half whenever they are on sale. This is currently my favorite everyday scent and I'm on my third bottle right now. The packaging is very simple but feels really heavy and expensive, nothing about it even hints at how affordable it is. It lasts all day on the skin  and lingers in the best way. If you have read my previous perfume reviews, you will know by now that I do not like fruity scents and the pear is the first ting that hits you with this scent. However, I love it irrespective of this, since the flower accents balances the pear out, making it not too fruity.

The Top notes are Jasmine, Bergamot, Pear and Violet
The Heart notes are Plum, Apple, White flowers and Patchouli
The Base notes are Sandalwood, Musk, Cedarwood and Amber

You can buy here.

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  1. I'm already looking at their website! With the present exchange rate, getting a good perfume for less than $20 is! Thanks for the recommendation Dimma