Lagos, Nigeria


If there was one brand that I wanted to try the minute that I moved home, it was the Vane brand. They launched their nail lacquers in 2015 while I was still in school and it looked at a point like everybody in Lagos was wearing them. I read a lot of rave reviews and I was really impressed since they were the only Nigerian beauty brand, based on my knowledge, that had nail lacquers as their main product. 

I really wanted to try some of their nude shades but they were mostly sold out the day that I went to their store in Fola Osibo. I ended picking two other shades and they were  Baked (Top picture) since I'd never tried anything quite like it and The darker the juice (Bottom picture) since I haven't purchased a really dark nail polish in a long time.

Baked was the star of this tiny little party. It is a sparkly bronze color with lots of finely milled glitter and I wore it for close to a week without any chipping. It started chipping after the fifth day but you guys should believe me when I say that five days without chipping on natural nails is a really long time. The glitter adheres to the nails like crazy so you will need a nail polish with a high amount of acetone to get it off quickly. Regular remover will do the job too, albeit very slowly.  
The darker the juice is a gorgeous dark maroon shade however it started to chip within two days on my finger nails. It probably had something to do with all the dishes that I have been washing but it has lasted for over two weeks on  my toe nails without a problem. On another note, these two lacquers should stay on nail extensions for weeks without a problem. Some of us don't wear nail extensions that often or even at all, so this post will be very relevant for them.

They retail for N2,500 each and are available on the Vane beauty website.  If you live outside Nigeria try Amazon or Etsy.

Has anyone tried Vane Nail Lacquers? What are your favorite shades?

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  1. Baked is my kinda girl!

  2. I haven't but I want to try the gel top coat they just released it's meant to last 10 days! - if i'm not mistaken. Baked looks really nice but I stay away from glittery polishes because of the hassle that comes with removing them.

  3. Vane is my favorite nail Polish.Had Essie as my favorite until I fell in love with vane. Weldone Dinma.