Lagos, Nigeria


Over the past two years, some of my staple skin care products have become really difficult for me to get my hands on. An example was the Clarins bright plus hydrating day lotion. I was using my last bottle in the skin care routine video that I had up last year and shortly before I ran out, I started hearing  rumors that Clarins was pulling the plug on their Bright Plus line. This made me really upset because I stick with whatever works and that moisturizer had worked for over 4 years, my skin loved it! It was not available in the UK, it was also not available in Montaigne's place for a really long time, and it was mostly sold out on a lot of US websites. I immediately started looking for replacements, and this led me to the Black up counter. I picked up two products, the  Ultra Matifying Rebalancing Fluid to use as a daytime moisturizer and the Dark Spot Correcting Night Cream .

I'm just going to be very straight forward, the Ultra Matifying Rebalancing Fluid works. It actually controls oil better than any of the BlackUp primers that I have tried and I find this a bit funny. It instantly leaves your skin feeling very hydrated but also matte at the same time. It has a very gel like consistency and absorbs easily into the skin. I use it before I apply my primer and believe me guys my makeup has looked a lot fresher and lasted a lot longer with this as my base. This product left me really confused because I don't understand why it isn't recommended a lot more to people with oily skin at Black up counters since it controls oil a lot better than their primers. I've been lucky enough to have some of the Black up primers work for me however if they have not worked for you, especially when it comes to oil control, consider trying the Ultra Matifying Rebalancing Fluid and just forget about their primers.

I have been using the Dark Spot Correcting Night Cream for close to three months now and I honestly think that it is a good alternative to any of the products in the Clarins bright plus line. It has a thick consistency, similar to that of most Night creams that I have used in the past. It absorbs easily into the skin and leaves it looking and feeling well hydrated. This product will not bleach you, neither will it change skin tone by over two shades. It works gradually and mostly targets dark spots. I don't break out a lot but then the few times that I do, this products fades whatever dark marks that they leave in less than 2 weeks. I bought it for about £30 while the Night cream cost me about £40 however they are both available for purchase from your nearest Montaigne's place here in Nigeria


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  1. ooh! I am adding the ultra mattifying fluid to my list I definitely need help with oil control.

  2. Clarins brightening hydrating day lotion is still available in a lot of stores here in South Africa.......if you still interested

  3. I've started developing a keen interest in skincare lately. I'm putting the night cream in my wish list.