You guys know by now that I am kind of, sort of a primer whore. I'm always on the look out for that new product that will answer all my primer prayers. I was not hoping to buy a primer the day that I bought this primer, at least not from Illamsqua but damn them and their apparent love for Nigerian music, its like luring a fish with a hook. I think that  it was Tekno's Pana the day that I made this purchase so there was no way in hell I was walking past them.

I'd heard little to nothing about this product before buying it but a quick google search showed that it had mostly positive reviews so that got me curious. The packaging also contributed to my giving in because all my previous primers had always come in a tube or some sort of bottle. I've never used anything that came in a jar so to me, it gave me that luxurious body lotion vibe. However on closer inspection, aka after opening it up after I got home, the packaging started to remind me of those small food containers/flasks that I carried rice and plantain to school with while I was in primary school, the culprit was mainly the spoon which the brand stylishly refers to as a spoon. 

For some reason, I was expecting this primer to be thick but it wasn't. It is by far one of the thinnest primers that I have ever used, in terms of consistency and that made me question the actual packaging. The Illamasaqua Matte Veil is so light weight and just by looking at it , you can tell that it is a water based primer, the consistency is a big hint. It does not dry out the skin neither does it leave your face feeling overtly smooth like most silicone based primers do. It is actually the  most moisturizing primer that I've ever tried and this made me so pleased since a lot of primers that are targeted at people with oily to combination skin, they are so far from hydrating. Butyelene Glycol, an active ingredient, helps get rid of excess oil produced by the skin while  Sodium Hyaluronate, another active ingredient, helps keep the skin moisturized, creating a nice balance.

It is not tacky or sticky and I've noticed that the open pores on my face now look a lot better whenever I use this as a base. It took me a few uses to figure out what the light scent reminded me of but it smells like yoghurt to me and no it does not linger, just incase you do not like yoghurt. It is a really good oil controlling primer and my foundation currently lasts a lot longer on my skin. However, paired with my current moisturizer, Black Up's Ultra mattifying rebalancing fluid, the stay and oil control that I get is nothing short of divine. It retails of N13,020, and yes, illamasqua does deliver to Nigeria.



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  1. To be honest just the packaging itself would make me buy it. I love the matte black and the gold.