Lagos, Nigeria


I don't have a lot of highlighters and its not like I don't like them, its just that I use so little at a time.  It will honestly take me a good two years of constant use to hit pan on any compact that I own, therefore it takes a lot for me to actually want one. Instagram however, sold the Anastasia beverly hills illuminators to me when they came out in 2015. They were stunning in all the pictures that I first saw of them. The packaging and design, the swatches, everything looked perfect! I managed to get my hands on them later that  year and I'm so glad I did. 

Top to Bottom: Peach Nectar - described as an "Apricot gold",  Riviera -  described as a "Rose gold" & So Hollywood - described as a "True gold". These highlighters are among among the best that I have ever come across. They are literally top tier and the only other highlighter in this category for me is the Black up sublime powder. They are so finely milled and this makes them very easy to blend. They are also very pigmented and apply beautifully when you use a brush or your fingers. 

They are a bit pricy though, they retail for $28 a piece. They are also sold out on most websites but you can still purchase them from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Website.  If you live in Nigeria they are available for purchase on this website but they are very very expensive on there.

"If I just touch his clothes, I shall be healed." Mark 5:28


  1. Thanks a lot. I was looking for a review of these highlighters. As i don't put make up often, i would probably buy one only. Which one would you advice? I have similar complexion as you.

    1. I would recommend So Hollywood. Its not as cool toned as the other two so I reach for it often.

    2. Thank you �� and keep up the great work. I love your make up tutorials. I don't wear make up often but I know that when I do, I want to look as in your make up videos!

  2. I'm the same. I love highlighters but you only really need a little bit at a time, so I have downsized my collection to just a few highlighter compacts, and I have tried to refrain from greedily buying more.