Lagos, Nigeria


As someone who is extremely open to trying primers, the Nivea post shave balm sounded too good to be true. If the previous statement confuses you, let me break it down. Early 2015, NikkieTutorials stated in one of her monthly favorites videos that the Nivea Post Shave Balm was her current favorite foundation primer, she explained to her then 2.8 million subscribers that she had discovered it by accident and then proceeded to use it religiously in subsequent videos. The internet literally went  agog with this, and I completely get why. This product has been around for like.... forever, it is cheaper than most primers in the market and is easily obtainable even here in Nigeria. 

So off I went, to my nearest drugstore, thinking that I would have to be extremely lucky to even find a bottle but then I met a whole shelf full of the thing. I blinked twice grabbed one and then almost skipped back home in my excitement.

The main ingredient in the Nivea Post Shave Balm is glycerin, a binding agent that helps makeup adhere much better to the skin and keeps it on longer. I for one knew that Nikkie did not have dry skin, she does get oily on her T zone just like me, so I was absolutely positive that this would work for me as well. It has a very liquidy formula as you guys can tell from the last picture and a very strong masculine scent that reminds me so much of my Dad but that was basically where the positives ended for me. This product did not work for me at all. My face turned into a stunning grease ball a few hours after I did my make up. I followed all the necessary application steps, I applied it till it got tacky like Nikkie recommended and then proceeded to do my makeup but it did not work. It looked at the end of the day like my makeup was sitting right on my face, oily as hell and ready to slide off. 

However, I believe that people with normal to dry skin mostly get better results with this product as a primer, since most of the positive reviews that I've read are from them. It might work if you have combination skin but I would not recommend this for anyone with oily skin. If you are in Nigeria and are looking to try this just check your closest supermarket. Shoprite for one has it in abundance and it retails for - N1,109



"When the Lord brought the exiles back to Zion, it was like a dream for us. Then were our mouths filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of joy. Then among the nations it was said, "The Lord has done great things for them."  Psalm 126:1-2


  1. It didn't do anything for me as well.That just made me loose interest in doing a review which I honestly should have done.

  2. Same here! it didn't do anything for me. I was so disappointed.

  3. I have a combination skin nd it works perfectly 4 me.

  4. Dimma,no be only you waka come o!i had high hopes for it as everyone was raving about it but was a lil disappointed cos it did not control oil for me.Funny thing is I initially bought d npsb that has original written on it,used it and it didn't work,was like ahah did I buy d fake then checked to see that I bought the wrong one.i went back and got the npsb-sensitive and it did nothing.e for pain me wella shaa if say e cost. i sharply dashed them out to my brother.

  5. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw dis review,REASON being dat I was at Shoprite today and I almost bought it when I saw it on YouTube LMAO! thanks Dimma for saving me lmao.

  6. When i started reading, i thought i had found the solution i have been looking for. Now after reading i cannot agree less. I say this because i suffer from too much sweating after putting on make-up. i don,t even know if i will say its oily skin troubles or just sweating on its own. Once i wear make up, from the point of applying foundation i am already sweating. i have used marykay primer, mac oil control lotion + mac prep and prime and even the M of M but no difference. i will need to seat under the AC for a while before stepping out of the house else i will have it sliding off my face like icing on cake. Now two days a go I tried a DIY setting spray with glycerin as major ingredient and it was the woorskt! Dimma i will need your recommendation ooo

  7. Once I saw that this Nivea post shave balm had glycerin in it, I lost interest because it's a humectant and I just assumed this would work best as a hydrating primer.