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Asides from makeup, I often begin to dream of all the things that I could wear a purse with the minute I pay for it. I've just generally grown to love anything that I would have to hold, clutch or hang over my shoulder since shoes often equal a headache. I'm currently in love with the two purses that I have in this post not only because I think that they are stunning but because I can easily use them for both dressy and casual occasions and also, they fit my phone! I hate it when a purse is perfect for an outfit or occasion but then it can't fit anything, what if I want to order pizza before I get home, eh?

The Blue Purse: I got this purse from my mum about 2 months ago. She walked into a store where I was waiting for her with this purse in hand, she wanted to know if I liked it since she wanted to buy it for herself. My begging started immediately after she was done talking, I wanted it so bad and I was even willing to pay her for it. She refused of course but then ended up giving it to me the next day, with an "oya take", My God is able! It is roughly the same size as an iPad mini and can easily fit a wallet, two phones and a few other things. The embroidery is on both sides too and the strap is detachable. It is sold in this shop Bold & Beautiful 39 Chime Avenue New Haven, Enugu and retails for N12,500

The Black Purse: I've had this beauty for over a year now, it was a total score for me since I had gone into River Island to look for a nice black purse, something big enough to fit my phone and some small items. It has a very matte finish and a textured snake skin pattern. It does not have a lot of structure so you are able to easily toss things into it and then snap it shot with ease. The straps are detachable, however I've never felt the need to remove them. Its been my go to purse for a while now since black goes with everything!


"You have not yet called upon me, O Jacob, instead you were tired of me, O Isreal." Isaiah 43:22


  1. Love them. I love how simple they are, my favourite thing is probably the embroidery on the blue one. Also I love black purses that have some kind of texture it adds another dimension to it. I live for snake/crocodile skin kinda purses.

  2. The blue purse is a beauty.i have always preferred purses to bags cos my mum being a fashion lover had lots of them.She died when i was 13,and i didn't care much for her things then,her sisters came to help decongest her stuff and used style to steal most of her things,purses,jewellery.Now i see them pass on my mom's things to my cousins.One even used my mom's fave gold clutch purse on her traditional marriage.Now i collect everything vintage cos it reminds me of my mom.

  3. M nt really a fan of purses. Buh they look really beautiful

  4. The blue one is really cute.

    And ooh, I just noticed your logo - very nice!

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