Sleek Blush by three - Lace Palette (Review)

Way before a girl could ever afford Mac blushes, there were sleek blushes. I hit pan on some of them so quick, I had to constantly repurchase. They are a beginners dream and I'm a bit pissed because it seems like I forgot that for a bit.

From left to right: Chantilly, Guipure and Crochet

I purchased the Sleek blush by three palette in Lace on a whim a while back. I went to Superdrug for something else and ended up leaving with whatever it was and this blush (story of my life). I completely forgot that I ever made the purchase, but then I dug it up recently and I'm head over heels. For some reason I've been leaning towards orange and coral blushes of late. Most of my recent blush purchases have fallen into the two shade ranges and I thinks its because of how incredibly flattering orange and coral blushes look on my skin tone.

A lot of people find it hard to believe that Orange blushes could look good on anyone but its one of those Taste and see things. The Sleek blush by three palette in Lace consists of three colors, two matte colors and one with shimmer. Chantilly is a matte orange , Guipure a shimmery peach shade within the coral family and Crochet a matte coral pink. Guipure is one for those days when you don't want to highlight your cheek bones, it will give you the needed flush of color but with a sun kissed glow that we often rely on highlighters to give. Chantilly and Crochet look ahhhh-mazing when paired with a bright red lip.

The blushes in the Lace palette are very pigmented but also finely milled hence making them very blend-able. The one problem that I have with most affordable blushes is their inability to move once they touch the skin. With a lot of them, if you are not careful with the amount that you slap unto your face eh, I'm sorry for you. These blushes blend well irrespective of how pigmented they are and they will last you a long time. They come in the good old solid black packaging that all sleek blushes come in. The palette currently retails for £9.99 pounds in the UK and about N2,500 in Nigeria. Trust me N2,500 for three quality blushes is a bargain.

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5


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  1. Dimma you are right. They are affordable and still great. I love it.


  2. Because I don't really wear make-up much, I don't really invest in the pricier products. Sleek is my go to brand and they have catered well for me over the years. I'm due to purchase a more demure blush so I will check out this triple palette blush; thanks for the review!