Make Up For Ever skin equalizer - Mattifying Primer

I discovered that Make Up For Ever was now in the UK a while back, so I walked into one of their counters the minute I saw one. I own just one item from them and its their matte velvet foundation which in all honesty, I hardly ever reach for. I really wanted to try their new Ultra HD foundation since lots of people have been raving about it,  however I ended buying the foundation and their skin equalizer mattifying primer (like I could go there and just buy one item? story).

Before buying the Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer mattifying primer primer, I played around with some of the other primers that they had on display and believe me, they had quite a lot. They had primers that do from smoothing and pore filling to color correcting, however I was after something that would help control oil production, as usual. I took my time trying some of them out and in the end, I had to decide between their mattifying primer and their smoothing primer. I went with the mattfiying primer  because I wasn't really sure if the smoothing primer would hold up, especially when my skin started dishing out oil.

For a lot of reasons, the Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer mattifying primer reminds me so much of the Becca Ever matte poreless priming perfector. The packaging is similar, the color is similar and most of all, the feel is really similar too. I've used this a few times now, mainly concentrating on my T-Zone area i.e my fore head, chin, cheeks and down the bridge of my nose and the results have been impressive. I recently used it under a foundation that doesn't really mattify and went close to 5 hours without touching up my nose. I've given up on the all day matte claim that most brands make with their primers and at this stage, I don't even think that it is possible for me. So I've learnt to just rank them depending on how long I go without seeing oil seep through my foundation.

It has the somewhat rubbery feel that You'd get with the Becca Ever matte primer so it is not the easiest to blend into the skin, however the Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer mattifying primer is a bit more merciful to the pores, so it doesn't sink into them or make them more visible than they are. It leaves your face felling matte but not dry which is extremely important for me when it comes to primers since I've found that if my face is really dry after a primer, it ends up producing double the oil that it would have produced at the end of the day. It comes in two different sizes, a 15ml tube which sells for £13 and a 30ml tube which sells for £24. I decided to start with the small one because I did not want to spend serious money on something that I may end up disliking. I really like this primer, and I have a very strong feeling that I may repurchase once I run out.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5

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  1. Hi Dimma! Please can you start writing putting the prices of products in Nigerian Naria like you used to do? Most of your readers live in Nigeria

    1. Hello, I make sure to mention or show the prices that I paid for particular items within posts. A quick google search would help, if you need to convert the prices to Naira, you can also use a currency converting app. Foreign exchange rates fluctuate all the time so I'd rather individuals make conversions themselves, the amount you get in Naira will highly depend on when you convert so I don't want to leave figures that may not be relevant in the next three months.

  2. I've heard tons about the MUFE primers. Great post

  3. This is now on my wishlist!!

  4. This product is on my Wishlist alongside the color correcting primer from this line.

  5. I agree with Coverallsandlipstick... this item is also now on my wish list!
    Also wanted to comment on the new layout of the blog, its very fresh and vibrant.. absolutely love the font on the header !

  6. I've been debating with myself about whether or not to buy this primer. It seems quite similar to the Becca one and even though I liked that one at first, it eventually got annoying to use. I'm tempted to at least try the smaller size of this one, though.

  7. I have normal to combination skin so it's mostly my t-zone that gets slightly oily after a few hours... But it's nothing some blotting paper won't take care of.I've tried a few primers which I end up reacting to though I don't have sensitive skin and I haven't used any other new make up or face products in a year. Playing it safe for now so no primers for me...

  8. am obssessed with anything makeup forever now,and they even have color correcting primer...they have my heart already

  9. Hello, please i need advice on the best face primer to use, my face is very oily. at the moment, i use philip milk of magnesia, but i fear that i may be harming my face. Do advice and a recommendation of foundation and powder to use will be most appreciated. Kindly bear the cost in mind. thanks